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Coinlist Casper Option 1,2 token sale early sold out

The Casper token sale held on the token sale platform coin list is being sold out every day. The option 1 token...

Flybit, Dipper Network (DPR) sold out early

The Korea Digital Exchange (CEO Seok-jin Kim, hereinafter Flybit), the operator of the virtual asset trading platform Flybit, is a DEEPER NETWORK...

The eve of the privacy application explosion: a glimpse of NuCypher’s early ecological layout

The background of the beginning of encryption services made NuCypher's early ecological partners mainly focus on data privacy-focused fields such as medical and finance. ...

This early investor just sold his Ethereum stash he hodled for five years

When stories of Bitcoin millionaires began to emerge alongside the asset’s rally, Ether’s users also had a tale or two to share. An anonymous...

‘Still early days for crypto,’ says Bitwise survey

Bitwise Asset Management, a leading provider of crypto-index funds and ETF trends, is in the news today after it published a survey revealing how...