Learn about the six Terra ecological DeFi projects deeply cultivated by Delphi Digital in one article


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Delphi Digital is moving from Ethereum to Terra.

Written by: Luke Saunders, CTO, Delphi Digital
Translation: Lu Jiangfei

In the past few years, Delphi Digital has worked closely with DeFi agreements such as Aave, Synthetix, and Axie, and designed economic systems for them. Now, by cooperating with six DeFi projects, we hope to bring the rich industry experience in the past to the Terra ecosystem, and believe that it can help the financial ecosystem (TeFi) of the Terra system to rise to a whole new level and enter the DeFi world.

Mars Protocol

Mars Protocl is the currency market for Terra assets, based on the dynamic interest rate model designed by the Delphi Digital team, which can effectively improve capital efficiency.

The Delphi Digital design team is working hard on this project and is expected to publish a paper detailing the dynamic interest rate model later this week.

We incubated the Mars team with friends from @IDEOVC. In my opinion, they designed the best UX in DeFi. If you want to know the Mars Protocol project in advance, you can take a look at theirLitepaper first.

Mars Protocol aims to build a bank of the future, supporting free custody, open source, transparency, algorithm and community governance. Like all banks, Mars Protocol’s goal is to absorb savings and borrowing while managing insufficient liquidity and bankruptcy risks. But unlike other banks, Mars Protocol is a fully automated on-chain credit tool, managed by a decentralized community through a transparent governance process, and all decisions are made by the Martian Council committee.

Orion Money

Orion Money is the winner of Delphi Digital’s recent hackathon. They have built a cross-chain stablecoin revenue aggregator to achieve aggregate revenue by converting stablecoins on different chains into packaged assets. The project team is one of the best teams I have seen in the DeFi field.

Recently, Orion Money has just launched its first product, Orion Saver Alpha, which allows users outside the Terra ecosystem to access Anchor Protocol’s stable income savings service. Anchor Protocol is a decentralized money market and savings protocol based on the Terra blockchain. , But the agreement only supports users to obtain the stable income of stable currency UST, and does not support other types of stable currency income. Orion Money hopes to solve this problem.

Orion Money is about to launch some new versions, which may embed other revenue products and provide more high-value services, aiming to create a true cross-chain stable currency “bank”. Delphi Digital is providing help for the project, such as economic model design, white paper feedback, etc. We will also jointly lead the seed round of financing for the project.

Levana Protocol

Levana Protocol is building a decentralized exchange (DEX) that aims to provide leveraged trading services for assets on Terra.

In the initial stage, Levana Protocol will provide users with unsecured loan services through integration with Mars Protocol, and will also launch perpetual contracts later.

Delphi Digital believes that providing leveraged trading services on Terra is a key feature that attracts other apps to build on Terra. Delphi Digital is helping Levana Protocol to define the economic model design, assisting in the preparation of white papers, and is expected to participate in the first round of financing of the project.

Suberra Protocol

The Suberra Protocol project has a talented team, and they also participated in the Delphi Digital hackathon, which mainly builds a recurring payments protocol for users and service providers. They use Anchor’s stable income to provide subscriptions to services such as Delphi Digital and The Block in exchange for UST deposits.

For a long time, paying for cryptocurrency payments has always been a pain point for Delphi Digital, so we not only provided product design suggestions for Suberra Protocol, but also their main customers.

We will also assist Suberra Protocol in building a token model and help them develop a listing strategy.

Angel Protocol

Angel Protocol won the second place in the Delphi Digital Hackathon. They used Anchor’s stable income and savings function to create a sustainable charitable donation service.

During the weeks of participating in the hackathon, Angel Protocol has been developing projects. Although they have appeared for a short time, they have received a lot of support. Many projects have promised to channel a certain percentage of their cash flow into Angel Protocol. They even received an “anonymous gift”-300,000 US dollars! With this funding, Angel Protocol can complete and release their V1 version.

Delphi Digital hopes to help Angel Protocol realize its vision, provide support for them, and design a token economic model for it.

“Confidential Project”

The last thing I want to tell you is that Delphi Digital is carrying out a “confidential project”. Since it has not yet been publicly released, I can only tell you that the project hopes to change the way users interact and manage the Terra portfolio.

At this stage, we can only reveal the logo of this project (as shown in the figure below). They are working hard to build a minimum viable product (MVP). It is expected that the mystery will be unveiled in the next few weeks, so please pay attention to our subsequent information updates .

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