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Read Darwinia in one article: How does cross-chain bridge + NFT empower Web 3.0?

Darwinia is trying to become a "cross-sea bridge" between public chains, connecting the ecological territory of Ethereum, Polkadot, BSC, etc. Written by: Ether Boy ...

Clarify the progress and follow-up planning of Ethereum 2.0 in one article

Vitalik Buterin shared the roadmap after the Ethereum PoS merger at the ETHGlobal Merge summit. Written by: imToken On July 30, 2015, Ethereum launched...

An article to understand the ecological status and value potential of decentralized identity solutions

Identity issuers, holders, and verifiers can all benefit by migrating the ID management process to the blockchain. Written by: Andrew Cahill Translation: Ontology Core...

Parachain of Smart Assets: An article to understand MathChain features and token economy

The concept that MathChain promotes is the "smart asset parachain", which is an easy-to-use smart chain account management system based on Polkadot's bottom layer...

Understand the NFT wave in one article: What’s the value? Which items need attention?

NFT has a bubble, and it has a future. Original Title: "The Rage of NFT" Author: Blue Fox Notes In the past less than...