New report reveals the truth about how much BTC Satoshi mined

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  • A new theory regarding Satoshi Nakamoto’s wealth recently emerged.
  • The theory says that he may have mined blocks that don’t belong to the Patoshi pattern.
  • If true, Nakamoto’s true wealth includes more than 5% of all BTC, or $10.9 billion.

Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin’s unknown creator, still remains one of the largest mysteries in the crypto industry. After 11 years of trying, nobody still knows the real identity of the individual or a group behind this name.

However, thanks to blockchain’s transparency and the ability to trace transactions experts believed that they at least know how much BTC Nakamoto has in his wallets.

Now, a new report by Whale Alert revealed that Nakamoto may have mined even more Bitcoin than originally believed. In fact, his wealth at this time may exceed $10 billion.

A new report brings into question past estimates of Satoshi’s wealth

According to new information, Nakamoto may have mined more than 1.1 million BTC. He was Bitcoin’s first miner, and likely the only miner for quite some time. When BTC price started growing, others have joined the trend, but Nakamoto himself remained active for quite a long period.

Earlier this week, Whale Alert published an in-depth examination of the so-called Patoshi pattern, which indicates that Nakamoto may have mined 1,125,150 BTC.

Previously, it was believed that his mining efforts may have resulted in “only” around 600k-700k BTC. If the new estimate is true, then Nakamoto might be sitting on over $10.9 billion, according to current prices.

Whale Alert also says that Satoshi may have been responsible for a number of non-Patoshi pattern blocks. If this is true, he might very well have more than 5% of all BTC in his possession.

Nakamoto might still be alive and active in the crypto world

The topic of Satoshi’s wealth was as popular as the mystery surrounding his identity. Even more so, when earlier this year, researchers noted activity in two BTC wallets that hold the coins mined in 2009 and 2010.

Researchers determined that neither of the wallets belonged to Satoshi at the time, but that was before the idea of him being responsible for solving non-Patoshi pattern blocks emerged.

With this new information at hand, it is entirely possible that Satoshi is not only still alive, but also that he might still be active in the crypto industry. More than that, one of the transactions came with a message that Craig Wright, who claims to be the real Satoshi, is a liar and a fraud.