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Bitcoin Could Hit New Yearly High on US Election Risks, Hints Citibank Report

Bitcoin could hit a new year-to-date (YTD) high, abetted in part by the risks surrounding the US presidential election. The analogy takes cues from a...

Russia’s new crypto laws require users to report their wallets

Russia’s Ministry of Finance has prepared a new version of Russia’s laws that introduce stringent measures regarding the usage of crypto wallets, a local...

Russian ministry proposes criminal charges for failure to report crypto tax

Russia’s Ministry of Finance is continuing to push regulations for the cryptocurrency industry by proposing new tax requirements. The ministry now reportedly wants to introduce...

New report says Bitcoin price in ‘more sustainable uptrend’ than 2019

Bitcoin (BTC) hitting its highest in over a year was different from the 2019 bull run because exchange balances fell, a new report says. Published...

Introductory Guide to Contract Audit: How should DeFi participants read the audit report?

A complete DeFi = smart contract + front-end page, even after the smart contract security audit, there will still be risks such as...