Non-face-to-face safe trading used market Durian signs MOU with Chainflix


[Blockchain Today Reporter Ji-Hye Han] On the 29th of last month, Jamboek, which provides a 100% non-face-to-face safe used trading platform, Durian, and a P2P video sharing platform Chainflix, shared infrastructure and various platform businesses such as marketing. We signed an MOU to collaborate.

Durian Operator Korea Certification Service explained that this MOU with Chainflix operator Jampick included platform services owned by both companies, as well as comprehensive business cooperation such as cross marketing and e-commerce.

Chainflix is ​​a video sharing platform service that encrypts and stores content creators’ videos with blockchain technology in distributed storage (PC storage) provided by users, and chainflix coin (a virtual asset in the process of viewers viewing the stored videos) CFX) is a reward system.

When the content creator uploads the video, all users participating in the set revenue distribution rate will receive real-time revenue. For reference, Chainflix Coin (CFX) can be traded through cryptocurrency exchanges listed soon, or it will be used for content reinvestment and real life.

On the other hand, with the purpose of “for a safe asset trading platform service,” the Korean authentication service combines various technologies such as escrow, block chain, and cryptocurrency to securely protect members’ transactions from various frauds that may occur during asset transactions between members. The (MACH) project is underway, and as part of that, it is offering’Market Mach’, which allows members to trade assets between members with major cryptocurrencies such as Mahana Bitcoin issued by the company, starting with the used trading platform Durian service.

Currently, Durian has over 200,000 downloads in the Android market alone, and is about to open the Android 1.5 version and iPhone version, which adds exclusive point accumulation and authentication functions for Durian.