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NFT blind box accidents happen frequently, is it really safe?

The popular blind box NFT has experienced serious accidents such as serious non-randomness, premature disclosure of content, and content infringement. Original title: "There are...

The only safe strategy for a trader in the Dogecoin market is this

Disclaimer: The findings of the following analysis are the sole opinions of the writer and should not be taken as investment advice 2021 has been quite...

Is the cross-chain bridge you are using safe? Understand Wanchain’s cross-chain mechanism design

When security accidents occur frequently, the safety of the cross-chain bridge becomes a key factor for users to choose which "cross-chain protocol". Original...

Eun Seong-soo “Move to a safe exchange for cryptocurrency…can’t protect price fluctuations”

Finance Committee Chairman Eun Seong-soo said to cryptocurrency exchanges that are concerned about closing down business due to the enforcement of the Special...

“Safe and convenient with blockchain technology”… GS Shop launches luxury direct purchase service

GS Shop announced on the 14th that it will launch a new real-time luxury direct purchase service'GS Saved'. It is a mobile-only service...
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