OpenC digital market ‘Human DNA’ Included NFT Auction Up


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[Blockchain Today Reporter Jieun Lee] NFT (Non-Replaceable Token) has not yet reached the level of recognition that can succeed humanity, but at least one of them contains the chemical components of living organisms, Cointelegraph reported.

Reportedly, a cryptocurrency user known as’Cybex_Dreamer’ recently launched his genome as an NFT on OpenSea’s digital marketplace. Anonymous sellers auctioned off three NFTs, each containing a third of the total DNA sequence, based on identifier, chromosome number, base pair position, and genotype.

A small sample of the user’s genetic code says that this data is “only for genealogy research,” and the first NFT bid starts at 1ETH, worth about $2,463. Currently, no one has bid on the user’s DNA. Less than a day left until the first auction was completed.

This is a small number of products that have been released on the blockchain by individuals sequencing DNA, but another company has revealed that they are doing the same for cryptocurrency users. GenoBank.IO plans to allow customers to create biological NFTs, allowing people to retain ownership of their DNA.

In the United States, the issue of invasion of privacy regarding an individual’s DNA can be controversial and is not fully defined in the law. The Federal Bureau of Investigation maintains a fairly comprehensive database of genetic samples related to cases such as sexual assault and missing persons in the Combined DNA Index System. In general, taking a DNA sample from a system requires a court order to be filed with the court on behalf of the owner.

At the time of opening, users did not say that they are pushing legal or ethical boundaries by allowing anyone to own a copy of their DNA sequence. However, if someone could potentially get information about their ancestors, their propensity for genetic disorders, and at some point DNA was used like the dystopian science fiction movie Gattaca. Someday it could also be used for identity theft.

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