“Receive cryptocurrency as a reward for winning the event”… If you accidentally click on a message


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A case of smishing scam impersonating Huobi Korea (provided by Huobi Korea)

Investors need to be careful as there is an increasing number of smishing (text fraud) damages that try to seize cryptocurrency by enticing investors to claim that they won an event hosted by a cryptocurrency exchange.

On the 11th, Huobi Korea, a cryptocurrency exchange, urged special attention as there are cases of smishing damage impersonating Huobi Korea employees.

Recently, there have been several cases of damage caused by loss of cryptocurrency assets by impersonating a cryptocurrency exchange. Mostly, it is a method to induce cryptocurrency deposits for specific events or inspection items using text messages disguised as industry officials, social media messages, and advertisements on similar sites.

Huobi Korea is also seeing an increasing number of reports of smishing impersonating social media. The main content is the method of disguising as a representative of the Huobi Korea Exchange to announce the selection of the event target and requesting cryptocurrency deposits to a virtual address.

Park Si-duk, CEO of Huobi Korea, said, “Recently, fraudulent cryptocurrency exchanges have been on the rise, so damage cases are being reported to the customer center. If that happens, please contact the Huobi Korea Customer Center.”

Huobi Korea is strengthening official account security as a countermeasure to prevent smishing, sharing cases of smishing through notice channels, and trying to prevent similar cases.