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Japanese messaging giant LINE rolls out a token reward program

This reward program is reportedly part of LINE’s plan to promote its blockchain initiative. The program involves connecting LINE’s customers’ accounts to its three mobile...

No, a quantum computer won’t instantly reward you with 69,000 Bitcoins … yet

A Bitcoin wallet with nearly $700 million is up for grabs — but anyone intending to be a “crypto thief” and nab it will...

Theta Partners With Korean Gaming Platform to Reward Its 3M Users

The token-powered Esports streaming platform Theta has expanded...

Moonday Mornings: Jaguar Land Rover plans to reward drivers with IOTA cryptocurrency, and more

Its Monday morning, you know the drill. But if you dont, heres a wrap-up of the weekends top cryptocurrency and blockchain headlines. 1. British carmaker Jaguar Land Rover announced that its testing software from IOTA which would allow it to reward its drive…