Teach you how to build an IPFS private network


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Distributed storage is getting started, let’s learn step by step to build your own IPFS network.

Original title: “IPFS Builds and Uses Private Network”
Written: Six days

In the consortium chain scenario, IPFS is the preferred solution for decentralized storage. This article will introduce how to use go-ipfs to build a private network and use it simply.

My environment

Due to resource constraints, I use docker to build a two-node IPFS private network. If possible, you can install it directly on multiple machines or multiple virtual machines.

Start building

1. Generate swarm.key

swarm.key is a shared key. Only nodes with the same key can communicate with each other to form a private key network. swarm.key can be generated using tools , the installation command of the tool is:

 go get -u github.com/Kubuxu/go-ipfs-swarm-key-gen/ipfs-swarm-key-gen  

After the installation is complete, generate swarm.key, the command is:

 ipfs-swarm-key-gen> /Users/sixdays/tmp/ipfs/swarm.key  

among them

  • /Users/sixdays/tmp/ipfs/ directory is my ipfs directory.
  • /Users/sixdays/tmp/ipfs/node1 is my ipfs node 1 directory.
  • /Users/sixdays/tmp/ipfs/node2 is my ipfs node 2 directory.

2. Start the node

Run node 1 and node 2

 // run node 1
docker run -d --name ipfs_node_1 -e IPFS_SWARM_KEY_FILE=/Users/sixdays/tmp/ipfs/swarm.key -v /Users/sixdays/tmp/ipfs/node1/staging:/export -v /Users/sixdays/tmp/ ipfs/node1/data:/data/ipfs -p 4001:4001 -p 4001:4001/udp -p -p ipfs/go-ipfs:latest

// run node 2
docker run -d --name ipfs_node_2 -e IPFS_SWARM_KEY_FILE=/Users/sixdays/tmp/ipfs/swarm.key -v /Users/sixdays/tmp/ipfs/node2/staging:/export -v /Users/sixdays/tmp/ ipfs/node2/data:/data/ipfs -p 4002:4001 -p 4002:4001/udp -p -p ipfs/go-ipfs:latest

Clear all default startup nodes bootstrap

 docker exec ipfs_node_1 ipfs bootstrap rm all  
    docker exec ipfs_node_2 ipfs bootstrap rm all  

View node id

 docker exec ipfs_node_1 ipfs id  
    docker exec ipfs_node_2 ipfs id  

Here, the Id of my node 1 is:
The address of node 1 is:

The Id of node 2 is
The address of node 2 is

The node address I use is the ip address assigned by docker.

Add node id

Add node 2 address in node 1

 docker exec ipfs_node_1 ipfs bootstrap add /ip4/

Add node 1 address in node 2

 docker exec ipfs_node_1 ipfs bootstrap add /ip4/

So far, our two-node IPFS private network has been completed.

Use it

Use command

 docker exec ipfs_node_1 ipfs -h  

You can see the basic commands of IPFS.

Add file add

 $ docker exec ipfs_node_1 ipfs add /data/ipfs/swarm.key                                                                                                                    
    added QmRitSEMhFJtNhLYtwGRJvhDrTTT4gQLjuLepZjo9C8a2X swarm.key  

among them:

View file cat

 $ docker exec ipfs_node_2 ipfs cat QmRitSEMhFJtNhLYtwGRJvhDrTTT4gQLjuLepZjo9C8a2X   

You can see that we can view the content of the file uploaded by node1 in node2.

Download file get

 $ docker exec ipfs_node_2 ipfs get QmRitSEMhFJtNhLYtwGRJvhDrTTT4gQLjuLepZjo9C8a2X -o /data/ipfs/test.key  
    Saving file(s) to /data/ipfs/test.key  
     95 B / 95 B 100.00% 0s  

Where -o represents the output directory, /data/ipfs in the docker container corresponds to our host directory as /Users/sixdays/tmp/ipfs/node2/data

View file list ls

 $ docker exec ipfs_node_2 ipfs pin ls  
    QmQ5vhrL7uv6tuoN9KeVBwd4PwfQkXdVVmDLUZuTNxqgvm indirect  
    QmU5k7ter3RdjZXu3sHghsga1UQtrztnQxmTL22nPnsu3g indirect  
    QmYCvbfNbCwFR45HiNP45rwJgvatpiW38D961L5qAhUM5Y indirect  
    QmejvEPop4D7YUadeGqYWmZxHhLc4JBUCzJJHWMzdcMe2y indirect  
    QmPZ9gcCEpqKTo6aq61g2nXGUhM4iCL3ewB6LDXZCtioEB indirect  
    QmQPeNsJPyVWPFDVHb77w8G42Fvo15z4bG2X8D2GhfbSXc recursive  
    QmQy6xmJhrcC5QLboAcGFcAE1tC8CrwDVkrHdEYJkLscrQ indirect  
    QmUNLLsPACCz1vLxQVkXqqLX5R1X345qqfHbsf67hvA3Nn recursive  

Where recursive means folder, indirect means file


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