The Future Of Art Is Digital, with Trevor Jones, World Renowned Artist


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Trevor Jones formally started his art career at the age of 38. He started small, selling his paintings at local gallery exhibitions, catching the eyes of collectors worldwide. His newfound fame allowed him to begin experimenting in the amorphous space at the intersection of technology and fine art. After diving face first into NFTs a year ago, Trevor began striking gold, selling interactive one-of-a-kind art to collectors for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Trevor is now regarded as the lead artist in the NFT space and is spearheading the charge towards mainstream acceptance.

Scott Melker and Trevor Jones further discuss the artist checklist for success, drinking wine for inspiration, Trevor’s very first art exhibition, painting QR codes and augmented reality, Picasso’s Bull, Nonfungible tokens, an abstract understanding of ownership, selling one piece for $300,000, opening the NFT floodgate, accidentally giving the cold shoulder to Tyler Winklevoss, the different ways to invest in NFTs, emotionally detaching from your own work, how to display an NFT and more.

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