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Artist Whose NFT Broke Auction Records ‘Dismissed’ NFTs Initially

The Winklevoss-backed marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and digital art Nifty Gateway recorded its largest-valued NFT transaction to-date during an auction two weeks ago. On...
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Blockcast.cc In Conversation Special with ROBNΞSS, Blockchain Artist “Fusing Blockchain & Art”

Blockcast.cc: Good morning. I am Jenny Zheng, Cofounder of Blockcast.cc. We want to reach out to more people who are doing work for the...

Meet the artist building a crypto-inspired art museum on the blockchain

Earlier this year, French crypto graffiti artist Pascal Boyart painted a mural and hid $1,000 worth of Bitcoin in it. One month later, local authorities had “censored” the artwork by covering it with gray paint. Credit: Pascal BoyartParis Bitcoin puzzle mural, Pascal BoyartThe artwork depicted French protest group the Gilet Jaunes in a re-imagining of…