The number of active Bitcoin addresses in November was close to a historical high, second only to the level at the end of 2017


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According to the data provided by Glassnode, about 19.6 million Bitcoin addresses sent or received BTC in November, the third highest in history, second only to data in January 2018 (19.7 million) and December 2017 (21.64 million).

According to historical data, the change in the number of active Bitcoin addresses is roughly similar to the BTC price trend. That is, the price of BTC soars, investors’ trading interest rises, and vice versa. At the end of 2017, the price of Bitcoin hit a record high, approaching $20,000, when the number of new addresses soared to more than 17 million. However, as the price of BTC fell, the number of active Bitcoin addresses fell below 12 million.

In the second half of this year, when Bitcoin prices began to rise strongly, the number of active Bitcoin addresses also entered a state of surge. For example, on November 9th alone, the number reached 1.18 million.

At the same time, as the price of Bitcoin rises, the number of profitable Bitcoin addresses increases simultaneously. Glassnode data shows that when Bitcoin broke through $15,000 this month, about 97% of Bitcoin addresses were profitable.

It’s worth noting that according to the Flipside Crypto report, “The top 2% of Bitcoin addresses own 95% of the total BTC supply. Data shows that wallets with more than 100 BTC account for 61.5% of the total supply, but these wallet addresses only This accounts for 0.04% of the total. This means that there are 14005 giant whales in the world who own so many bitcoins. In contrast, over 16 million addresses hold less than 0.001 BTC, which accounts for almost 49% of the existing wallets. The increasing concentration of Bitcoin in the hands of whales is a disturbing trend.”