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40,000 New Bitcoin Addresses Created! Uniswap Launches New Token! Blockchain Gaming Gets HUGE BOOST!

40,000 new bitcoin addresses created! Uniswap Airdops Token! Blockchain Gaming HEATING UP! What's your take on this guys? Let us know in the...

DeFi Effect: Ethereum Network Grows 25% In 2020, Most Addresses Profitable

Ethereum has had a remarkable year thanks to the DeFi explosion. Not since the ICO boom has the crypto asset seen this much demand,...

Chainlink (LINK) hits a new ATH for active daily addresses

Chainlink price recently hit a high level of $20.30 after a major surge. As a correction took place, researchers noted another ATH, this time in...

100% of Chainlink Addresses Are Currently in Profit

The recent Chainlink (LINK) rally has led to some unconventional results — 100% of its supply is “in the money” or profitable. This metric simply...

Ethereum’s daily active addresses unable to keep up with ETH’s $325 surge

Cryptocurrency proponents in the digital asset space are always expecting a bullish rally. However, it is safe to say that nobody expected Ethereum to...