Things to know about BTC, ETH, Filecoin mining


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Many friends actually think that mining is very mysterious, heavy capital investment, minority participation, mines have never been, I heard that there are wind and sand in remote places. At the same time, I heard that many people in the mining industry are very wealthy, so an image of the earth is drawn in my mind. Today I will briefly explain the most important mining projects in the market and the most noteworthy projects. Tell me about what happened and what will happen, the content is deep but not brainstorming, the dishes are cooked, and the reader does not need to calculate it.

Someone may say that everyone knows BTC and ETH, but Filecoin, a project that seems to always bounce tickets, is rumored to be launched only three days later (October 15). Why is it side by side with the boss and the second? When talking about Fil below, I will explain why.


The above picture is from the Internet, fits the content of this paragraph, quoted

1. Miners: The current mainstream mining machines, Antminer (Bitmain) and Shenma Mining Machine, are basically close to the same in all aspects. If you understand one, you can understand the other.

2. Estimation of calculation power fluctuation: The electricity fee during the high water period can currently be calculated at 0.21-0.23 yuan per kilowatt-hour. This data is more useful in the next comparison. I don’t know how to calculate it and will not affect the analysis of this article. Once the S9 rainy season has passed, it is shut down directly because it is no longer making money. At present, the percentage of computing power in the entire network is about 15%. Not surprisingly, the BTC computing power will fluctuate from today’s 135E to below 120E next month.

3. Increased mining costs: The rainy season of this month is about to pass. What will happen after that? How much is the increase in mining costs? It depends on how much electricity bills increase. The electricity fee of about 0.22RMB will become more than 0.35RMB, and even reach the range of 0.38-0.42, which means that the mining cost will increase by 50%+

4. Impact: The cost of computing power has increased by more than 50%, which means that most of the S9 mining machines need to be shut down and dragged out, and the mining cost of the S17 series has increased from 50% to more than 75% (if the currency price does not increase), the S19 series The cost of mining machines during the high water period accounts for about 30-40%, so the cost in the past high water period has flew to about 50-60%, and T17 directly rose to 75%.

The simplified understanding is: if the price of BTC remains unchanged, during the rainy season, dig one bitcoin and earn 0.6-0.7 bitcoin, and now dig one bitcoin to earn 0.3 or 0.4 bitcoin-this is still a good machine.

In other words, from the supply side, Bitcoin’s halving effect will be highlighted at this time. In the next two months, it is reasonable for the price of BTC to rise.

Of course, if there is a black swan event, such as the rapid decline of BTC price by 30%+, it will cause a mining disaster. Don’t think about the bull market, don’t need to read the K-line. The rich and have channels to collect second-hand mining machines, retail investors are more suitable to wait for the opportunity to spot Layout.

In May 2020, Bitcoin block rewards were halved, and at the same time the rainy season came, high energy efficiency mining machines (simplified as large computing power mining machines) were put on the shelves, and the mining cost did not increase much. Now it’s different. The water has passed. The new mining machine is temporarily unable to come out. The price does not rise, and the miners panic; the price soars, the mining machine rang, and the gold was ten thousand taels. Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining will reach a new level of maturity after the halving + abundant water period ends.



The picture above shows the founder of Nvidia: the macho “Huang Renxun”

Has the DeFi fire gone?

DeFi’s lending business has started, and ETH will be pledged for mining, but it will only increase the price of some ETH.

What really benefits ETH miners is DEX and Swap, that is, the rise of UNISWAP and the launch of various projects. FOMO becomes emotional-“Give a smart contract, don’t ask, just Swap”. The cost of this transfer and swap is very high, and the gas fee is more than four times higher than the block reward. That is to say, if you should earn 1 yuan in the past, you will now earn 5 yuan. Inferring again, the mining machine that used to pay back for a year, now pays back 2-3 months-this is also the actual situation. (At the peak of 2020, the return cycle of ETH mining machines will be within 2 months).

now what? Mining ETH basically needs a year to pay back. Nvidia’s new GPU comes out. During the National Day, various financial bloggers will give video explanations. You can search for “Nvidia” or “Huang Renxun” on platforms such as Douyin, Baidu, Bilibili, and Youtobe ( (Founder of Nvidia) I can see that a bunch of people are talking about this GPU, talking about Boss Huang’s cultural and martial arts, of course, friends who don’t have blockchain talk about it. (The graphics card is divided into A card and N card, this article focuses on N card, A is AMD, N is NVIDIA).

The first reason is that Amber and the mining circle seem to have not really been out of the circle; the second reason is that the GPU came out and the price increase exceeded the performance increase.

You may ask, what my friends say they use NVIDIA’s new graphics card for mining?

Answer: Because the old generation of second-hand graphics cards are not easy to buy. It’s that simple.

Is the graphics card mining machine promising in the future?

Yes, it is very promising. Because in addition to ETH, many projects can be mined with graphics card mining machines. ASIC mining machines (simplified and understood as professional mining machines) have a high research and development cost and a long period. If you encounter unsatisfactory people, the project will be garbage (I think this is a treasure during research and development). When the ASIC came out, the projects were all abolished, or the currency price was already abolished, wouldn’t it be worthless?

With graphics card miners, you can build a machine gun pool-like model by yourself, pay attention to the mining revenue, which one has the highest profit? For example, Conflux (tree map, chief scientist Yao Qizhi) may be launched this month. When it looks suitable, the graphics card miner will try to dig for two days. Continue to dig if the income is good, and withdraw if the profit is bad.

Summary: Graphics card miners can attack and defend. This is a good business.

If you are not careful, a big problem occurs in the world, and you pull the graphics card back to your hometown to open an Internet cafe. Originally, the biggest function of the graphics card is graphics. AI, image recognition, and games can all be used. It is also good to open an Internet cafe — of course, a joke.



The picture above shows the leader of the Filecoin/IPFS project: Juan Benet. Yes, this is his most handsome picture

There is a high probability that it will be online in three days. The reason for the high probability is that someone has counted it. It is said that the protocol laboratory claimed that the Filecoin mainnet has been online 7 times (I remember three or four times). You will always be a scumbag. Don’t understand. However, I still very much support such a project, such a group of newly emerging special miners near the launch.

Why is it called a special miner?

I once gave the configuration of the Fil mining machine to a friend of the National Supercomputing Center. My friend said, “This is a mining machine?” I said, “Yes”, and he said, “This configuration can be used as a server problem. Big.”

First, Bitcoin mining machines are temporarily useless except for mining bitcoins. ETH mining machines can be used in addition to mining ETH, graphics cards and other components. The Filecoin mining machine can be pulled out and used by the National Supercomputing Center and State Key Laboratory with slight changes.

Second, Bitcoin mining machine is not a problem if it is put in a harsh environment, and good heat dissipation is enough; graphics card mining machine (for mining ETH, etc.) should be placed in a dust-free environment, otherwise it is prone to failure (mainly the fan), Filecoin’s Mining machines, almost all miners gave up building mines and pulled directly to the formed IDC machine room-the conditions are better. Do you know what is called “Golden House Cangjiao”? A Filecoin mining machine is more than 100,000, but is it expensive? Not expensive. Pulled out the mining machine and sold it second-hand, it is likely to be better than your Maserati.

Look at everyone’s living conditions. Bitcoin mining machines live in the suburbs of Shangougou, ETH mining machines live in low-rent housing; Filecoin mining machines directly enter the high-end villa area.

Third, higher expectations or greater gambling. A project that did not go online has attracted tens of billions of RMB mining equipment investment based on its vision. There is no such project in the history of blockchain, and it is unprecedented.

How is the currency price?

Many media or self-media have stopped talking about the currency price of Filecoin recently. The reason is very simple. It is not clear. It is a mystery project. At the beginning of this section, I said “You never understand the heart of a scumbag.” I have given a prediction, and now I basically insist on my prediction that the probability of 50 dollars will be touched or even higher in the first two months. As for flying to several hundred dollars or fluctuating to more than ten dollars, that is the realm of immortals, it is hard to say.

For the price and market value of Filecoin, please refer to my article written in July: “”

Can I make money by buying hashrate or mining machine?

Rest assured, there is a high probability that you will be able to pay back within one year.

To be more specific: it is difficult to pay back within three months. Look at the manufacturer’s currency split rules and the currency price trend.

This article counts the three major mining coins of BTC, ETH, and Filecoin. The text is slightly ridiculous, but the content is very real. I hope it can give readers some inspiration.