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Things To Know In Crypto And Blockchain World – 2020 Guide

There is a secure connection between blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Blockchain technology is a sort of distributed ledger technology (DLT) that assist peer to peer transactions safely and authentically without including a centralized party. It is a single incorruptible database that consistently records and timestamps transactions sequence. All purchases must be verified should be verified…

Three things central bankers can learn from Bitcoin

For central bankers, the game changed last summer when Facebook unveiled its proposal for Libra. Many have responded by seriously exploring whether and how they should issue their own digital money.Arguably, though, the more fundamental change is more than a decade old. It was Bitcoin that first made it possible to transfer digital value without…

Provable Issues open pTokens

pTokens, the world’s first token to enable decentralized finance interoperability between any blockchain, cryptocurrency or token  5th December TBC: Provable Things (previously Oraclize), the world’s first and most widely adopted blockchain oracle for modern decentralized applications (DApps), has today launched pTokens.  pTokens are an industry-first solution that will unlock cross-chain liquidity for the entire $250+…

10 things you need to know before the opening bell

Jackal Pan/Visual China Group/GettyImagesHere is what you need to know.  1. Adam Neumann's $1.7 billion golden parachute could be slashed as SoftBank looks to trim its WeWork rescue deal. Some SoftBank executives have said the WeWork cofounder and former CEO's leaving package is too generous, Bloomberg reported. 2. The OECD charted how hard Trump's trade…