Zaobao | The Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract may be launched within two weeks; the market value of the Bitcoin anchor coin wBTC ranks among the top 20


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Industry News

MakerDAO initiated voting to increase the surplus buffer

The Federal Reserve solicits public opinions on lowering the threshold of overseas transfer information collection, involving cryptocurrencies

Draft revision of the People’s Bank of China Law: Any unit or individual is prohibited from making and selling digital tokens

Ripple CEO: The company may move to London

Ethereum 2.0 project leader: Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract will be launched within two weeks

Li Xiaofeng: The future distributed financial model of the central bank’s digital currency still needs to be discussed

V God: MESS review is disappointing and does not provide much security

People’s Daily Online will release People’s Chain technical white paper

Opinion: PayPal will eventually allow users to control their cryptocurrency

Li Ming: Blockchain technology has many benefits, but there are also many problems

Bank of Japan official: Issuing digital currency first needs public support

Central Bank Mo Wangui: Support the People’s Bank of China Digital Currency Research Institute to establish a financial technology center in Beijing

The People’s Bank of China Mo Wangui: To promote the application of central bank digital currency in the Winter Olympics

Filecoin has activated the FIP-004 proposal at block height 170,000

Primary market

CMD, a distributed storage project, received a total of US$3 million from LP Capital

FDG public chain wins strategic investment from Coinworld

Secondary market

CME has become the second largest Bitcoin futures market

The scale of crypto assets managed by Grayscale increased by 300 million U.S. dollars in one day

Kik said that after reaching a settlement with the US SEC, it will “open the way” for the exchange to list Kin

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Cancellation of the original filing company on Binance China official website

The market value of Bitcoin anchored coin wBTC ranks among the top 20

Messari: Ethereum may become the first blockchain to settle more than $1 trillion in a year

Billionaire Paul Jones: Bitcoin will show excellent hedge against inflation