Interview Lupa, Founder of JoinCoin “Revolutionary Platform that aims to connect investors and empower utility driven projects”


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1) Hello JoinCoin, can you tell us about your team and your experience within the cryptocurrency market?

Lupa : Founder : Head of utility

Ahmed Otaibi is a multi-award-winning creative art director based in Dubai. Throughout his career, he served in several global advertising agencies such as Leo Burnett, BBDO and DDB, handling global brands such as McDonald’s, Pepsico, Emirates Airlines and much more. During the peak of the covid pandemic, Ahmed got introduced to DeFi, found a new passion, made hundreds of new connections and started implementing his brand development/ advertising experience and skills in the space. Ahmed is a part-time guitarist, an avid gamer and a full-time father for a beautiful 3 years old daughter named Lupa.

Andy : Co-Founder : Head of operations

Andy is a Business owner, who is experienced in business development, operations handling and community management.

With a keen interest in finance, he mastered the dynamics, mechanics and fundamentals of stocks and trading. In 2019 he discovered the world of Blockchain technology, Cryptocurrency and De-fi.

With advanced knowledge of technical analysis/ leverage trading he started a private group for all levels of traders to network and learn off of each other, this rapidly grew into a group of very experienced traders and serious investors.
Andrew has a passion for sports, most specifically Football, Boxing, Tennis and Pool.

Kyle : Co-Founder : Head of Management

He is experienced in project development and marketing, through his strategic thinking and planning, he can lead teams to deliver on goals and revenue targets. He is drawn to projects that inspire passion in both the creators and consumers.

He has developed strong networking and marketing skills. In his spare time, he enjoys working out, socializing and spending time with his family and friends

Our experience within the Defi industry started around a year ago, Ahmed transferred his skills in design and marketing whilst Andy and Kyle were more trading and community building orientated, through networking and working within other projects we all met and Ahmed came up with the JoinCoin idea, and we have been building it together since last September.

2) Read in your whitepaper you are trying to create a safer space in the cryptocurrency market, how will you go about doing this?

All projects onboarding will undergo our vetting procedure, this starts from the second projected approach or is approached. The way we are set up limits the chance of a bad actor getting through to our platform and mitigates some risk to investors, granted we can never ensure a good investment, but what we can do is provide all the information and allow investors to make informed and educated decisions themselves.

As for the listings, listing with JoinCoin, be it a project, security provider or industry talent, is completely incorruptible, there will never be a fake account on JoinCoin as each account has to be verified before upload, this again mitigates the risk to consumers as they can rest assured they will never be going to a proxy through a link on JoinCoin.

3) Within your ecosystem what are your tokenomics and total supply available on your project?

Our Tokenomics are designed in such a way to help sustain our ecosystem in the short term, our buy and sell taxes consist of a 6$ buy tax, 4% for marketing and advertising and 2% for utility development. Our sell tax is set to 10% and this is broken down by, 4% marketing & advertising, 2% Utility development, 2% Farming and staking and 2% Jumpstart fund.

Our total supply is 5,000,000,000

4) I understand that you KYC projects can you tell us how you go about doing this?

JoinCoin dives as deep into a project as we possibly can, not just the code, but the team, plans and wallet distribution, as well as looking into the community and a deeper look into the people behind the project.

JoinCoin’s very own KYC platform is available through our platform, and as time goes on and we become the industry staple that we strive to be, KYC can be recognised industry-wide.

5) Can you tell our listeners more about PulseReportTM and what it accomplishes for your project?

The PulseReport+ is the heart and soul of JoinCoins beyond the code ethos, partnered with EnterSoft we bring you an audit with a difference, along with the traditional solidity audit and contract penetration testing, Joincoin will dive even deeper and run a social and sentiment audit on not only the project but the people behind it

6) You are working towards becoming the networking hub for Web 3.0, can you tell everyone how you plan on accomplishing this?

JoinCoin’s overall objective is to become the Linkedin/Upwork/Fiver alternative networking hub for the DeFi industry. We will start by listing legitimate projects, service providers and industry talents and create a safe network of projects and people. The real power to DeFi is people, and JoinCoin is built to empower people and utility. Later this year JoinCoin will release one of its many utilities known as Joincoin Pay, this payment facilitator will act as another layer of risk mitigation by holding payments for services, until a time the service has been delivered, quality checked and approved. 10% of each transaction will buyback and burn our native token JOINS. The 10% fee will be discounted depending on how many Joins both the service provider and consumer are holding.

7) Where will you be listing next?

We have multiple offers for centralized exchange listings, but right now we feel our funds would be better spent in developing the project further prior to going on a CEX.

8) Can you tell everyone listening about any new partnerships at JoinCoin?

JoinCoin values collaboration very highly strives to empower all real utilities and will continue to partner with industry names along the way.

We are currently in collaboration with some very well established entities, EnterSoft, EverRise, StrikeX, BrewLabs, DrivenX and Multiple others in talks.

9) Can you tell our listeners about JoinCoin Jumpstart, and what the features and benefits are for people who are maybe looking at starting their own project?

JoinCoin Jumpstart will be JoinCoin’s very own incubator/ launchpad. Through Jumpstart projects will benefit from expert guidance through the minefield of a project start-up, mitigate any chance of being scammed in the depths of Telegram, or receive a substandard product from a chancer on Fiver. With the help of Parabolic, Jumpstart uses their own industry connections to join all the dots so you don’t have to, from contract creation to Dapps, and marketing to security providers, JoinCoin Jumpstart can do everything.

Jumpstarted projects will be completely funded by JoinCoin, and instead of a charge being applied, 1% of the project’s tokenomics will feed directly back into the JoinCoin ecosystem.

KYCed projects invited by JoinCoin are also welcome to use our launchpad to facilitate their launch, free of charge.

10) Can you leave us with a famous or positive quote or say something that our listeners can remember you by in the future?

“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin”

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