Chain Open Research, a Deep Analytics Platform for Cryptoassets, Is out in Alpha and Available to All


COR INDEX INC (New York, US) has released a platform for in-depth, real-time financial and economic analysis of cryptocurrency. COR is currently out in Alpha and open to all users. offers a collection of market data reports and financial instruments for conducting a primary analysis.

COR specializes in key avenues of cryptoasset research and analysis, providing a full range of reports in the following categories:

  • Market Dynamics shows cryptoasset rate changes in USD and USDT on the main exchanges;
  • Market indicators on an array of data: quotes, rates, and volume. This includes research and reports based on data from exchanges and markets being analyzed;
  • Non-market indicators on expanded data about operations with cryptoassets made directly on the blockchain;
  • Transactions and activity in the form of operational data that leads to account changes on the blockchain;
  • Synthetic indicators in the form of generalized data about exchange operations and blockchain transactions;

The sources of this data lay in statistical information on crypto exchanges and information gathered from cryptocurrency blockchains, collected and processed in real time.

COR has already published its first report on the statistics of the largest crypto exchanges. This is its first report in a series reviewing the main figures and activity dynamics of exchanges, as well as legal info and details about their ownership.


A link to the report can be found on COR Index’s Twitter feed.

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