The Decentralized Platform Claiming to Have Exactly What the Cryptocurrency Market Needs


After the price of the most popular currencies in the world (Bitcoin and Ethereum) fell apart, Counos plans to become the cryptocurrency that defines global economy from 2019.

Vitznau, Switzerland. – Under a vision of improving speed, effectiveness and implementing low costs, Counos is expected to raise the next January as the financial instrument that could overcome market volatility once and for all. The way in which its team of experts behind the project has chosen to accomplish this goal has been to develop a genuinely decentralized blockchain protocol, this time with a twist.

A user-friendly wallet -available for both mobile devices and computers- offers the secure handling and trade of different native cryptocurrencies, which are “anti-inflationary” due to an innovative concept: the ultimate crypto qualities meet fiat stability concept.

Additionally, this portfolio is designed to transfer and receive payments (like regular services), alongside purchasing online and exchange directly among users within the Counos community.  Thanks to its protocol, transactions will be verified and audited without the need for external organisms.

On the other hand, the founder of Counos, Dr. Pooyan Ghamari, affirms that this crypto-environment “responds to the current demands” since it’s based on a timestamp server and works with proof-of -work technology (PoW); which favors a universal approach.

The Counos protocol

As TheNextWeb exposes, each investor and crypto-enthusiast has different priorities and will perform a different valuation. However, while some operators use a combination of platforms and exchanges to access various features, the market points out to integral platforms combining both high reputation, and ease of access.

In summon, Counos is expected to take a massive leap regarding functionalities, since it incorporates new properties such as a block explorer and new commercial pairs of digital currencies enabled for purchase/sale.

In contrast, thanks to its timestamp server and the proof-of-work process -(which identifies the moment when the transaction takes place, launching a notification), the time it takes to confirm is only 2 and a half minutes.

Pioneering the anti-volatility movement

According to the information available on its official website, the main notable discrepancy with platforms such as Bitcoin lies in the fact that Counos holds a separate policy and design for each algorithm, which grants a distributed nature.

On the other hand, the universal need of current crypto-market is to find a currency whose value doesn’t collapse, and its protocol means security instead of risk for the capital stored -as in Ethereum and the rest of the coins that share the ERC20 protocol and derivatives. With this premise, each currency will have an equivalent value in fiat currency – Swiss francs mainly – deposited in banks, as a backup for the user.

Regarding the transactions, to access the system, users will just have to create their wallet and download the App; QR code scanning is a sufficient mechanism to handle the different movements.

Valuable platform – The Counos currencies

Trading within the platform is done through Counos agency, which has a local currency, available to exchange funds with each other (peer-to-peer). At first, Counos offered 4 main currencies:

  • Counos Coin: It is the primary currency of the platform and has a maximum of 21,000,000 coins mined, which guarantees the progressive increase of its value as more users join the platform.
  • Counos Cash: It’s a pre-minted currency, and possess a fixed price based on stabile Schweitzer currency (CHF), so it is a capital based on real funds that enable various operations and transactions as a payment method with quick performance.
  • Counos Gold: Equally pre-mined as the previous, its value equals one gram of gold deposited in the Swiss bank. However, users can acquire them through direct purchase within the platform.
  • Counos Silver: The platform will deposit silver in the bank for each currency purchased, to grant an asset as a backup.

Currently, the platform has launched new alternatives for the most important markets in the world:

  • Counos E: Equivalent to 100 Euros.
  • Counos U: Equivalent to $ 100.
  • Counos CAD: Equivalent to 100 CADs.

To use any of the currencies or take advantage of the numerous utilities, will be able to store them securely in the native Wallet of Counos, available for Windows, Mac, Android and ultimately off-chain storage (cold storage)

About Counos

The Counos team – which has the support of the company CSC International Limited – is confident that the proposal will be crucial for the expansion of the market since it already has a growing customer base and significant media coverage.

For more information, enter Couno’s official website:

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