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Altcoins and DeFi tokens breakout as Bitcoin price nears a key resistance

Weary cryptocurrency traders awoke to the sight of green in the markets on May 2, as bulls managed to bid the price of Bitcoin...

Altcoins soar while Bitcoin and Ethereum price stall near key levels

On May 26 the the bullish momentum that had propelled Bitcoin and altcoins into a relief rally was somewhat subdued as traders remain unsure...

Bitcoin price drops below $34,000, pulling altcoins to multi-month lows

On May 21 the crypto market was hit with a fresh round of fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) which sparked another, albeit more muted,...

“The downtrend of altcoins ‘real reason’ reveals Tether’s stable holdings”

Caitlyn Long, CEO of Avanti Financial Recently, there were claims that Tether's disclosure of stablecoin holdings may have contributed to the sale...

Does the concentration of altcoins herald the peak of the cryptocurrency market?

Analyze the current market stage from the second altcoin outbreak period in 2017/18. Written by: Secrets Compiler: Li Ke What is Altseason? Altseason refers...
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