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Here’s why Bitcoin might benefit from the COVID-19 pandemic

After having remained below the $10k-mark for a long time, Bitcoin’s price was able to overcome the resistance, before briefly surging past $12k recently....

Which Industries Benefit the Most from Adopting Blockchain?

For more than a decade now, cryptocurrencies have fascinated the general public even though few have dabbled in buying digital coins. The media frenzy...

Vitalik Buterin: Future Lotteries Could Benefit From ETH 2.0’s Randomness

Discussing Ethereum’s (ETH) hackathon in partnership with the Colorado State Lottery, Vitalik Buterin opined that in the future, such lotteries could benefit from Ethereum...

Blockchain gives us more data security and transparency

Its said that data powers todays most profitable corporations, just like fossil fuels energized those of the past. To paraphrase: your data is being used by businesses over and over to help them make important decisions. This ostensibly makes your data much m…