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Biden Administration Review Cryptocurrency Regulation and Investor Protection’Gap’ Again

The Biden administration is researching the'gap' in cryptocurrency regulations due to market volatility in recent years, and it seems that this could...

Biden administration rejects Republicans’ COVID-19 relief plan Also affects Bitcoin?

The Biden administration has rejected a $1.9 trillion-dollar Corona 19 relief plan. This decision seems to have an impact on Bitcoin as...

US President, Joe Biden, puts a pause on proposed crypto regulations

The newly elected US president, Joe Biden, has halted all Federal regulatory processes during the first day of his term. The president’s office unveiled...

Investors waited for Biden to speak, and Bitcoin rose back to $40,000

Author: Wang Chao After a sharp sell-off earlier this week, Bitcoin rebounded strongly, breaking through the $40,000 mark in intraday trading, which quickly boosted...

Novogratz hopes Biden admin reverses Trump’s anti-crypto stance

The United States is in desperate need of open-minded cryptocurrency regulations from the incoming Biden administration, according to Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz.  Appearing in...
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