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Former CEO of BitMEX releases $10 million bail after surrender in Hawaii

Cointelegraph reported that the former CEO of BitMEX was released on bail for $10 million after surrendering in Hawaii. Former BitMEX CEO...

BitMEX founder Arthur Hayes: Talk about the risks of DeFi income farming

What types of risks do DeFi liquidity miners take when investing funds? Arthur Hayes, the founder of BitMEX, proposed a conceptual framework. Written by:...

BitMEX’s Arthur Hayes returns with calls for a boycott of legacy finance

BitMEX co-founder and former CEO Arthur Hayes has returned from exile with a post on the derivatives exchange’s official blog calling for a boycott...

BitMEX appoints Alexander Höptner as CEO

BitMEX has long been a pioneer when it comes to bitcoin derivative products. However, due to its recent tussle with the American authorities, the...

The U.S. legal regulatory risks faced by DeFi from the accusations of BitMEX

Author: investment research agency Original title: BitMEX's allegations highlight the risks of DeFi In October this year, the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission...