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Blockcast.cc Interviews xHunter “Combining both the great outdoors, and blockchain technology”

1) Thanks xHunter for coming by! Can you give us an intro for Moudi (CEO), Abdul Qadir Khan (CTO) and Mohammad (COO). Where are...

Milk (MiL.k), ‘Lifestyle #1 in both Google Play and App Store’ Ascension

Blockchain-based point integration platform'MiL.k' was selected as the most popular app in the daily life field of both major app markets. Milk...

Bitcoin vs CBDC: India’s growing need for both

After the first crypto-related ban in 2018 that affected many from the sector, the 2021 proposal to ban all private crypto assets is having...

‘Bitcoin could reach $1 million or $1, and may do both of those’

While many analysts predict that either Bitcoin could increase to a million or fall to a dollar, a popular businessman and investor based in...

Upbit, Google Play and Apple Store both ‘Popular apps #1’ Attainment

Upbit, a digital asset exchange, rose to the top of real-time popular apps on Google Play and Apple's App Store. As of...
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