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Calvin Ayre’s Clever Market Triggers Could’ve Sparked Bitcoin SV Pump

The Bitcoin SV pump has caught many crypto investors by surprise. A Twitter user has been following BSV’s price action and has a theory as to why the price of the bitcoin hard fork suddenly spiked. If market manipulation is truly the cause of the surge, investors should take caution as a massive dump is…

DB News Korea: Gaimin.io CPO Calvin Adamus의 첫 온라인AMA

2019년 11월 15일, Gaimin.io CPO인 Calvin Adamus는 커뮤니티에서 그의 첫AMA(Ask Me Anything)회의를 가졌고 모든 지지자들에게 최초로 Gaimin.io 게이머 지원 플랫폼을 선보였다.  Calvin은 “우리의 제품 아키텍처가...