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Here’s how crypto-market’s 24/7 trading is setting an example

The past couple of years have witnessed the continued growth of institutional investments flowing into the cryptocurrency market. It includes not only hedge funds...

Crypto investments in ASEAN surge to 424% in 2021

As the digital age continues apace, central and private banks across the world are experimenting with technology to promote faster, smoother and more secure...

Do crypto, CBDCs, stablecoins together spell ‘demise of cash’

The Covid-19 pandemic had far-reaching effects on not only the global psyche but also the economy and how business is conducted. One important aspect...

Apple could ‘go ahead and allow for’ Bitcoin, other crypto payments in future

The revelation that Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook owns crypto has stunned people in the crypto and tech sectors worldwide. In response to an interviewer...

Australian analyst sees huge inflows into crypto ETFs going forward

Australia’s implicit interest in the first crypto ETF was a great piece of news for the crypto market. Especially, when the U.S. has taken...
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