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PBoC governor claims the bank has processed 4M digital yuan transactions

According to Yi Yang, China’s DCEP still requires a more comprehensive legal framework. He added that FinTech companies have an edge over commercial banks. Prior to...

The governor of the Riksbank calls on parliament and government to support e-krona

Ingves, the governor of Sweden’s highest central bank, wrote in the latest economic report: “There should be a digital currency (electronic krona) issued by...

Bank of England Governor Still Isn’t a Fan of Bitcoin

While central banks are embracing digital currencies, they still aren’t a fan of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The Bank of England’s recently-instated governor made...

Bank of England Governor dismisses Bitcoin again!

Bank of England Governor, Andrew Bailey, has yet again dismissed the premium cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. He stated that he found it hard to see how...

BoE governor continues to assert Bitcoin has little ‘intrinsic value’

Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey’s position on crypto apparently hasn’t changed despite the economic fallout of the pandemic. According to an Oct. 12 report...
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