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Bitcoin hashrate remains strong during monsoon season

The Bitcoin network hash rate has remained strong and been largely unaffected by the rainy season and power outages in China, according to a...

Bitcoin hashrate drops 10-20% due to massive floods in China

As of Tuesday, bitcoin hashrate dropped by 25% due to massive landslides in Sichuan province. The landslides caused by heavy downpour caused the Sichaun province...

Ethereum Network Hashrate Hits 20-Month High as DeFi Tokens Rally

New data from glassnode and Etherscan show Ethereum’s hashrate has risen to a 20-month high and this has led some optimistic traders to suggest...

Monero’s Hashrate Experienced Its Largest Single Day Gains Ever

August 6, Monero (XMR) has experienced its biggest increase in hashrate since the network’s creation in 2014. Monero hashrate. Source: Coin Metrics. The Monero hashrate increased...

Bitcoin hashrate may be recovering, but network needs more security

Bitcoin miners play an important role in securing the network, however, the current year has put quite a few hurdles for miners to stay...