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BoE Governor: cryptocurrencies of today are destined to fail long term

Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey thinks it is unlikely that the current generation of crypto assets lack the design and structure needed to...

Long Bitcoin, Short The Dollar – Bitcoin On Track To $200,000

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Going long: 270K Bitcoin moved into storage in a month

Despite surging prices, Bitcoin investors are rapidly locking up their BTC for the long-term, with 270,000 BTC being taken out of liquid supply in...

Why $2,000 isn’t a long shot for Ethereum

Bitcoin climbed to its new all-time high on 9 January 2021 and at press time, it seemed like it might be Ethereum’s turn...

SushiSwap launched a new liquidity incentive program, can it create long-tail prosperity?

The Onsen incentive plan expands the four incentive pools to more than a dozen, including small market value and medium market value projects. Original...
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