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Long Bitcoin, Short The Dollar – Bitcoin On Track To $200,000

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Going long: 270K Bitcoin moved into storage in a month

Despite surging prices, Bitcoin investors are rapidly locking up their BTC for the long-term, with 270,000 BTC being taken out of liquid supply in...

Why $2,000 isn’t a long shot for Ethereum

Bitcoin climbed to its new all-time high on 9 January 2021 and at press time, it seemed like it might be Ethereum’s turn...

SushiSwap launched a new liquidity incentive program, can it create long-tail prosperity?

The Onsen incentive plan expands the four incentive pools to more than a dozen, including small market value and medium market value projects. Original...

JP Morgan Chase: Bitcoin price may reach 146,000 US dollars in the long run

JPMorgan Chase’s strategists said that the price of Bitcoin may reach $146,000, but it will take some time. According to Bloomberg News, Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou,...