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Manipulating DeFi data is too simple, the current oracle solution does not help much

The vulnerability is so common that DeFi cannot be adopted on a large scale. But there is still a solution to the problem of...

DeFi data manipulation is too easy — and current oracle solutions aren’t helping much

It seems like every week we hear news of another DeFi project being hacked or exploited. The latest crop of victims includes such projects...

HealthTrends.AI rolls out a Chainlink oracle node to offer COVID-19 data

This launch seeks to inspire the development of smart contracts in various healthcare fields. The Chainlink oracle node will cryptographically sign all COVID-19 data to...

From popular stars to DeFi high-risk zones, how to prevent oracle security issues?

Decentralized way to generate price data on the chain, this may be the only feasible correct logic. Original title: "Why the oracle becomes the...

C.R.E.A.M. Finance chooses Chainlink as its primary price oracle solution

Chainlink and C.R.E.A.M. Finance have been at the head of quite a few developments lately. Now, with the latter announcing a new integration associated...