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UK’s HMRC to levy 2% tax on crypto-platforms as they don’t qualify for exemptions

The unprecedented appreciation in cryptocurrency gains over the past year has taken the world by storm. Cryptocurrency exchanges too have seen massive gains due...

How to track NFT whales through data: Which projects do they favor?

Learn about the definition of NFT whales, the necessity of tracking giant whales, and how to efficiently track giant whales. Original title: "Data Insight:...

‘Homework’ helped these investors realize they ‘need to own a piece of Bitcoin’

Bitcoin‘s continued rise in popularity and valuation has made it impossible to ignore the cryptocurrency asset for both, retail and institutional investors alike. For...

Bitcoin is ‘an amazing accomplishment,’ but this exec thinks ‘they’ll kill it’

At a time when billionaire investors are increasingly placing their bets on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, others are proving more than difficult to convince....

Sorting out the main DeFi projects in the Fantom ecosystem: How are they developing?

The total lock-up amount on Fantom has now risen to US$695 million, and its native application ecology is gradually improving. Original title: "How does...
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