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Bitcoin is ‘an amazing accomplishment,’ but this exec thinks ‘they’ll kill it’

At a time when billionaire investors are increasingly placing their bets on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, others are proving more than difficult to convince....

Here is why an industry Chief thinks crypto’s interest is still rising

The past week has seen a major decline in the price and value of cryptocurrencies, with some of them shedding as much as 40%...

What Edward Snowden Thinks “Dragon Level” Wealth Will Do To Bitcoin

Former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) computer consultant Edward Snowden talked in the Ethereal Virtual Summit 2021. The main subject, Privacy Coins, NFTs, decentralization and...

Tyler Winklevoss thinks Bitcoin is past the risk of a US ban

The United States government has increasingly stepped up its overwatch on crypto in recent years, although an outright ban on Bitcoin is now unlikely...

This strategist thinks that after recent ATH, Ether could reach $10,500,

Ether finally broke an all-time high, surpassing $1,428 on 19 January and many traders expected the asset to continue reaching new ATHs. However, ETH...
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