MGH DAO meets “NFT, GameFI & Metaverse” | Partnership with Chainlink & Ocean Protocol


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MGH DAO meets “NFT, GameFI & Metaverse” | Partnership with Chainlink & Ocean Protocol

Meta Game Hub DAO meets to talk about their latest developments for the project. Founder Nicholas Weber of MGH DAO speaks with Jenny Zheng, Co-founder of The following questions were being asked.

What differentiates MGH DAO from other projects in the NFT and DeFi Space?

Often projects solely focus on one niche whilst forgetting that if we really want to attain mainstream adoption we need intuitive and holistic tools that avoid friction. Furthermore, the NFT – DeFi convergence is still often overlooked although it is a crucial part of the maturing process of both niches. Additionally, most DAOs in the NFT space are only focused on collecting NFTs, whereas, at MGH DAO utility, data and governance are combined. Moreover, I would also like to mention the collaborative NFT management which will allow the community to manage virtual real estate (LANDS) together. Consequently, the real USP of MGH DAO is 1) its diverse spectrum of applications and 2) due to the many application fields the strong community engagement which is way above the industry standards as displayed in recent voting rounds.

What have been the latest updates from MGH DAO?

In the past weeks we have had two major updates: 1) We are officially becoming a data provider and thus partner within the Chainlink ecosystem for the NFT market price data to be leveraged on-chain and 2) we have successfully applied to the Ocean Protocol’s Ocean DAO grant round number 10 to allow another revenue stream for the MGH DAO treasury selling datasets of fair NFT pricing of metaverse LANDS on the Ocean Marketplace. Furthermore, we have acquired various LANDS within The Sandbox as voted by our community which were analyzed and chosen by the NFT pricing algorithm.

How is the MGH DAO Launch different from other projects?

First of all, we are having a membership event and not the standard ICO/TGE models most projects have. This allows everyone to directly become part of the MGH DAO which is not solely revolving around a utility token but already owns metaverse LANDS and IP on these sophisticated pricing tools. Another core difference is that after the public membership event we will launch on the Ocean Protocol data marketplace initially which will provide token holders the direct access to the unique pricing data and thus allow a utility for the MGH token from the beginning. Here the trading pair will be MGH/OCEAN.

Which role will MGH DAO play when it comes to the metaverse?

MGH DAO will inherit various key roles when it comes to the metaverse: 1) It will provide the chance to collaboratively govern metaverse LANDS and other NFT based assets, 2) it will provide price transparency for metaverse related assets, 3) it will provide a DeFi layer for metaverse assets to be integrated in through e.g. collateralization of NFTs.

How is MGH DAO approaching GameFi?

On the MGH DAO owned LANDS it will be possible to build games which the community can leverage. The difference here is that these games will actually be created by a DAO, a decentralized community and not a centralized game maker where founders and investors keep all the benefits. This will allow for community members to also earn passive income while the MGH token with its utility features grants access to it.

Can you tell us more about your work with Chainlink?

At MetaGameHub ( DAO we are excited to announce that we will launch an official Chainlink node ( to bring our NFT valuation data on-chain for decentralized applications. The Chainlink node will be the backbone of our new price oracles, enabling us to supply data directly on-chain and sell it to smart contract applications, as well to cryptographically sign our data to prove on-chain that it originated from MetaGameHub DAO. The data stems from an on-chain NFT pricing algorithm our partners at ITRM.

How are you going to leverage Ocean Protocol?

The data which is utilized for the oracle will also be used for data pools on the Ocean Marketplace with the underlying Balancer protocol as the initial AMM for trading the MGH utility token and bring publicity to the Ocean Protocol within the metaverse community where MGH DAO has strong connections and reach. This is a major step as MGH DAO utility token will in this way be the first DAO token launch initially on the Ocean Protocol marketplace and not “just” on a normal DEX and which highlights the importance of data within the crypto economy. Consequently, the MGH token inherits the characteristics of data, governance and utility. The datasets will contain key variables such as the LAND price fluctuation of the last 1,7 and 30 days, the algorithm’s forecasted price, suggested operation (buy, offer, bid), placed orders history, origin contract- metadata as well as a price manipulation index.

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