Biconomy X Gaimin Pre IEO Giftout Contest

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Have you register an account with biconcomy yet for the upcoming IEO with Gaimin on the 19th January 2020?

If you have not, this is the time to do so. The IEO will start on 19th January 2020, 12pm Singapore time. This means you have around 2 weeks to do some if you have not done it.

Do any of the two things listed below to get a chance to win

3 Lucky Winners will win:

  • First Prize: 150 EOS
  • Second Prize: 100 EOS
  • Third Prize: 50 EOS

50 Other Lucky Winners will win:

  • 5 EOS Each

Step 1: In order to stand a chance to win, you need to do 2 of the tasks below.

Step 2: Send us your name, email address and screen shots of the tasks completed via this contact form.

The contest will end on 5 January 2020, 11.59 pm, Singapore time. Winners will be informed via email on 6 January 2020, 9.00 am, Singapore time.

Terms and Conditions

  • Valid only for new registered users
  • Each user will only have one chance to win
  • In case of any dispute, reserves the right of final decision
  • All winners will be informed privately via email only


About Biconomy

Biconomy is a new cutting-edge cryptocurrency exchange with global view. Headquarter in Canada and have offices in Korea, Japan, Russia and UK. Biconomy is committed to opening a new era of the digital economy by serving outstanding blockchain projects with customized one-stop additional services around listing, trading, liquidity management and more.

About Gaimin

The project is a blockchain powered gaming platform which connects the world’s largest supply of distributed GPU processing power, which belongs to the 1.3 billion gaming PCs in the global gaming community, with the rapidly growing, worldwide demand for massive processing power, therefore allowing passive monetization of the gamer’s GPU when not being used for gaming.


———- Update on the winners on 7 January 2020, 10.00pm ———- 

3 Lucky Winners:

  • First Prize: Email Id- 238****
  • Second Prize: Email Id- te***
  • Third Prize: Email Id- pe1******

50 Other Lucky Winners:

  1. Email Id- qwr*****
  2. Email Id- 238********
  3. Email Id- ****he2_**
  4. Email Id- *fht******
  5. Email Id- 12****l**
  6. Email Id- ba*****3**
  7. Email Id- pi****1**
  8. Email Id- 9s******2**
  9. Email Id- ****se***
  10. Email Id- eji********
  11. Email Id- ****deh***
  12. Email Id- UI*******4
  13. Email Id- He******a***
  14. Email Id- er********3
  15. Email Id- ******fff*
  16. Email Id- eth********3
  17. Email Id- kik********
  18. Email Id- ic***l***
  19. Email Id- wa****d**
  20. Email Id- **jj*****4
  21. Email Id- 28****q
  22. Email Id- *t****g***d
  23. Email Id- **r**v***1
  24. Email Id- *****d***i***a
  25. Email Id- **fu****1
  26. Email Id- ja*****s***
  27. Email Id- d**h******0
  28. Email Id- ***49***x
  29. Email Id- lo****s*
  30. Email Id- 8****1**1
  31. Email Id- ****u_*1
  32. Email Id- *****g12
  33. Email Id- *********eds
  34. Email Id- aw***s***
  35. Email Id- 32****3**
  36. Email Id- 9***w***o
  37. Email Id- ew*******q
  38. Email Id- **331**
  39. Email Id- ***3****da
  40. Email Id- o***w***b**
  41. Email Id- wo*******w
  42. Email Id- **dk**i**
  43. Email Id- *****het**
  44. Email Id- ***rh***0*
  45. Email Id- **dh*****d
  46. Email Id- el***i**
  47. Email Id- dl******e***
  48. Email Id- 89*******8
  49. Email Id- ac****6**
  50. Email Id- na*****1

All winners are notified by email. Thank you for your support.


———- Update on the winners on 9 January 2020, 9.00am ———- 

Dear all, the following Ids are invalid. If you are the winner, please email us again. If there are no replies by today 2359 hrs (GMT +8), we will give the chance to the next participant.

  • Email Id- 8****1**1
  • Email Id- **dh*****d


———- Update on the winners on 10 January 2020, 8.00am  ———- 

After numerous attempts, we have confirmed that the following Ids are not valid.

They are being replaced by:

  • Email Id- **0h*******
  • Email Id- an****p**

Thank you for your support.