[Webinar] What is Bitcoin | A beginners guide


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Bitcoin is not a company.

Bitcoin is not a club.

Bitcoin is not a get rich quick scheme.

So what is Bitcoin? Why does it exist?

Why won’t it go away?

Why is Facebook attempting to launch their own cryptocurrency Libra?

Why is China looking to launch their own sovereign cryptocurrency?

Why are there thousand other cryptocurrency projects?

How do you tell what is real and what is fake?

What does it mean for you?

What this event will be about

In one hour, you will learn:

– What Bitcoin isn’t

– What Bitcoin actually is

– Why Bitcoin matters

– Why Bitcoin won’t go away

– Why Bitcoin has inspired thousand other projects

– How do you know this is real Bitcoin or fake Bitcoin

– What does this mean for you

– Why you should pay more attention to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin

Who is this event for?

This event is for people who have zero knowledge about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

It is designed to be easy to understand so that you walk away with basic understanding of a technology phenomena that is widely said to be as revolutionary as the Internet.


Jason Chew, Managing Partner, BitcoinMalaysia.com

Jason is a community builder and also manages BitcoinMalaysia, the largest cryptocommunity community built since 2012.

Jason’s first experience in the cryptocurrency rabbit hole began with Celebrus Advisory, a recognised Top 10 blockchain consulting company in Asia Pacific. Jason has played an extensive role advocating the safe and responsible use of cryptocurrencies, helping new entrants differentiate the real and fake through his easy to understand talks. Originally from the renewable energy sector, Jason is also the founder of EMPOWER – a startup that is developing a blockchain-based decentralised finance (deFi) product for the renewable energy sector, that issue loans so that more people can install solar panels for their residential rooftops.

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