AMA with Moon Rabbit ” Through Crypto, We Seek Immortality”


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1) Good day, Angel Versetti. Can you introduce yourself, please?

Sure, I’m Angel, founder of Moon Rabbit ( Previously I Founded Dogecoin Foundation (, whose primary goal was to provide marketing and adoption for our beloved Dogecoin. We started it last year as we saw the poor Dogecoin dying. We thought it’s a great idea to shill Dogecoin to Elon and the rest is history. I also run a crypto hedge fund Versetti&Co. It’s based in Monte Carlo. We are investing heavily into promising coins. Our biggest bets this year are Syscoin, Numeraire, BAT, Dogecoin, UMA, Melonport/Enzyme and Luna. We are also accelerating early-stage coins.

Earlier I cofounded Ambrosus together with Gavin Wood, founder of Polkadot and co-founder of Ethereum. We raised 500k seed and provided our investors with 1000x+ returns through our peak market cap of 640m within 6 months.

Earlier I worked at the United Nations, Bloomberg and Google. Here is my full bio:

Now I am fully on Moon Rabbit. To bring crypto and longevity together. To discover the secret to life extension


2) What is Moon Rabbit?

Basically, Moon Rabbit is our own Polkadot.

You can check out the explorer, open your own wallet and play with our code here. There are 2 purposes in our project.

1st is to roll out an alternative where all the rejects from polka. Who didn’t get a parachain Can roll out without limitations, such as your own DEX, DeFi or NFT protocol. There is a lot of meaning with Moon Rabbit. Moon Rabbit is very important in Asian folklore as you know. There is a legend of the rabbit living on the Moon, who discovered the elixir of life, have you heard it? And for centuries there were ceremonies where priests and shamans worshipped to moon Rabbit to ask for long life and wellbeing.

This is why we named it like that.

Besides having a basic substrate infrastructure that enables anyone to launch their own jurisdiction (similar to parachain). We also have Longevity DAO which is using crypto and web3 to accelerate research in life extension and anti-ageing technologies. Many leaders in crypto have been investing in it for a while And we want to unlock the full potential of longevity via crowdfunding, crowdsourcing and web3 data processing/ storage

TLDR: we have our own Polkadot + a DAO focused on Longevity (life extension and anti-ageing)


3) Why longevity?

Because since the emperors of great civilisations of yore through the savage king-warriors of the dark ages through the philosophers of the enlightenment through the ferocious dictators of recent days – the greatest of the greatest – have desperately and fiercely sought to live forever – and forever Time has been consuming them all, turning their bodies and their empires to dust.

Talking a bit less loftily. Longevity will be a 2.5 trillion dollar market by 2025. Covid has massively accelerated the trends of longevity, wellbeing, biotech. People now are constantly thinking about living longer and healthier and there is a massive flood of interest in life extension and anti-age therapy. Even in crypto, the richest people in crypto and thought leaders (Vitalik, Gavin, Joseph, Charles, Roger, etc.). They have been investing in longevity for years. There is a massive promise of the sector, both to the elites and the masses and imagine incentivising entrepreneurs and researchers in this sector.

Through crypto, giving them a platform and infrastructure to crowdfund, access liquidity, crowdsource and scalably share and process user-centric data. This is what Moon Rabbit offers and this is why this opportunity is so massive. Our hedge funds have converted from investing in other startups to building Moon Rabbit ecosystem. This is why we launched on the substrate. We basically have launched our own Polkadot. It’s massively scalable, with cross-chain communication and web3. In 4 weeks we are launching EVM compatibility layer permitting full interoperability of Moon Rabbit with Ethereum and all its derivatives.


4) Why crypto then?

Wait do I really need to pitch crypto here? Why it’s massive? promising? radically transformative? changing the world? massively democratising access to value? enabling worldwide collaboration via open source? bypassing censors?

I’ve been in Bitcoin since v.0.1.0 and have seen it all. We could not even dream back in the early years of how crypto would permeate the world but we are not done building the dream and the community has created thousands of new dreams that crypto can make come true.

Moon Rabbit is here to unite the dreamers, the radicals, the visionaries, the autists, the entrepreneurs, the hustlers — to create a radically different, better, efficient, meritocratic and just world


5) How does longevity DAO work? Is your network live?

As for the network question, the network is live indeed. is where you can check out all our infrastructure. We are launching our first Jurisdictions in August. Dogecoin Foundation is our first massive partner. is the explorer for the first Jurisdiction of Moon Rabbit.

Next week we are launching a completely overhauled block explorer and network. It’s powered by Syscoin Platform. Moon Rabbit is all about cross-chain composability and communications. We want to be the hub to connect different chains efficiently, similarly to what Cosmos and Polkadot are doing.

As for Longevity DAO it will select the most promising innovations, research or startups within the longevity space and accelerate those through crowdfunding and crowdsourcing. It will enable those startups to launch their own crypto or tokens or otherwise benefit from open-source code to create collaboration frameworks where the best contributors are rewarded.

We will have a mix of governance between the DAO council, wider community of Moon Rabbit, and the advisory board of Longevity scientists and experts to assist with the long-term potential of longevity our short term activities will focus on launching our own crypto ecosystem of DEXes, DeFi and NFT protocols, eSports, web3, etc.

We want to build a rich ecosystem, just like Polkadot and Solana have. We are a Layer0 and Layer1 ecosystem at core.


6) Can you share how does your cryptonomics work?

Generally for those who want to dig really deep into our cryptoeconomic model, they should check out our Executive Summary.

Cryptoeconomic Model is here:

Our coin is needed for:

1) Digital Fuel to execute transactions or processes on our network (similar to ETH)

2) Necessary security provision for network via Staking for Temples (validators) — for our DPoS (similar to ADA, LINK)

3) Necessary to roll out your jurisdiction on our infrastructure (launching your own chain or crypto) — this is similar to DOT

4) Longevity services and goods built/accelerated by our DAO will only be accessible via our cryptocurrency (this is a legal condition for our partnerships), this is a model similar to BNB. Basically in our cryptoeconomic model we have included properties of the world’s most successful cryptocurrencies to ensure success of Moon Rabbit’s coin. We also have regular deflationary mechanisms such as coin burning which will ensure a persistently decreasing supply ensuring increased scarcity with more time and adoption.


7) DAO is gaining good traction in today’s context. What is your end goal of Moon Rabbit?

We have two levels: A Goal and A Dream. A goal is to simply create a strong crypto-powered ecosystem Layer0 and Layer1 like Polkadot and Solana and launch successful Longevity businesses on top. The Dream though is to ultimately discover the true secret of Life and to unlock Immortality for Humanity. Most of our team is in this project because they want themselves and their loved ones to never die and always be healthy. This is the ultimate crazy dream we are following


8) If you have one thing to change in the crypto market. What is it?

I would prefer more people in crypto today to remember why bitcoin was created in the first place. Far too many bankers, bureaucrats, traitors, rats, corporates and other people have infiltrated crypto and they are the enemy. We have far too many blockchains and crypto that are closed to the community, very exclusive, non-participative. They forgot the roots of crypto and why it was created in the first place. Crypto needs to be fair, transparent, open-source, participative, empowering. It needs to improve the life and wellbeing of the little guy and get rid of the parasitic structures and abusive oligarchies and I really hope crypto leaders follow this philosophy.


9) How can we take part in Moon Rabbit?

We are looking for more collaborators and developers who will build on Moon Rabbit. So join our communities @moonrabbitcom for example. Additionally today at 16:00 UTC there will be the first liquidity added for Moon Rabbit via ERC20. People will be able to take part in Moon Rabbit liquidity. Next week we plan to list on 1 or 2 centralised exchanges via our Substrate coin.

The cool thing about our substrate coin is that it’s like DOT. You can use it for staking. We offer DPoS, delegated proof of stake so you can immediately be staking your coins or if you group together. You can launch your own jurisdiction. It has similar properties to DOT and ADA basically.


10) Can you share an inspiring quote for our users?

I am not sure that it’s a quote. It’s more of a paraphrase from the book called “Regrets of the Dying” and it goes so:

The only thing that dying people regret is NOT having done something in their life, and almost never having done something. So if you’re hesitating between a Yes and No in your life, go for Yes.

(except for taking drugs, obviously…)