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Amid criticism, more wealth managers seek indirect Bitcoin exposure

Institutional investors, the world over, are increasing their exposure to Bitcoin. Even as they employ a variety of routes to this end, there is...

Blockcast.cc: AMA with Moon Rabbit ” Through Crypto, We Seek Immortality”

1) Good day, Angel Versetti. Can you introduce yourself, please? Sure, I'm Angel, founder of Moon Rabbit (moonrabbit.com). Previously I Founded Dogecoin Foundation (doge.org), whose...

Traders Seek Safety in SushiSwap (SUSHI) as Crypto Market Loses $25bn

An early session slipover in the SushiSwap’s SUSHI market turned into a buying opportunity for traders that were seeking safety against a dwindling cryptocurrency...

U.S. Congressmen propose a stablecoin bill to seek to control the entire stablecoin industry

On Wednesday evening, members of the US Congress introduced a new bill that may implement comprehensive supervision of all stablecoins. If the bill is...

Prosecutors seek harsh punishment for a scammer behind a celeb-endorsed ICO

Per the prosecutors, US District Judge Lorna Schofield should make an example out of Farkas. The prosecutors noted that federal guidelines recommend 70 to 87...
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