Exclusive Interview with Mudi, COO of SURVIVE “Only One Will Last In The Metaverse”


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1. Now, to start the AMA, can you please introduce yourself and your team to the community?

Hey, my name is Mudi, and I’m the COO and one of the developers of the NFT Global team; we partnered up with the game developers of SURVIVE to release a unique play-to-earn metaverse game. Our company is based in Zug, Switzerland.

The SURVIVE team comprises top game developers with 10+ years of experience creating games with stunning visuals and addictive gameplay, complemented by a team of blockchain & marketing experts with experience in all aspects of blockchain technology. The team also consists of veteran blockchain advisors with a portfolio of many successful projects.

2. Please have a quick introduction to the community. What is Survive all about, and what prompted the creation of Survive?

We saw a massive opportunity in the metaverse industry to build a game with true ownership and play to earn possibilities, and this entirely for free.

SURVIVE is an NFT play-to-earn open-world game in the METAVERSE, where you can own your NFT Characters, Weapons, Supercars, Villas, and Land. SURVIVE has three different Game Modes. Think of GTA 5, with a 3D open world where you can play for free and earn money.

3. With many NFT + P2E projects in this already very crowded BSC space, what sets your project differently from them?

We are different because the collaboration between an experienced game developer team and an already existing crypto project (NFT Global) with a market cap of several
million is a unique and special combination, ready to bring a disruptive and
revolutionary game to the market. With NFTG, we have a massive community of
200,000+ members across all our social media channels.

Some other differentiators

Backed by NFT Global and NFT Global Finance – a reputable name in the crypto space. NFT Global presale investors got up to 6x in 2 weeks.

Contract Audited by CertiK – The most trusted auditing company worldwide.

Highly skilled and experienced team – 20+ members in marketing and game development.

Dedicated and Fully Doxed Team – KYC by IdoPresale and PinkSale

We are based in Switzerland, like Ethereum, Cardano, Solana, Polkadot, and many more.

4. How can our investors get their hands on Survive NFTs? Can you tell us more about Survive NFTs utilities and share some NFTs or artworks you’ve developed with us?

The SURVIVORS NFT collection will be released right after the launch of the project, and it’s part of our Marketing Strategy, so we can’t give you too much information about it.

But stay tuned, we have signed up some of the most famous NFT artist to build a unique 3D NFT collection, and $SURV holders will get them for the lowest price.

Soon after releasing the first NFT collection, we’re going to release land, cars, weapons, skins, and other special NFT collections.

But let me show you some gameplays of SURVIVE

5. Please introduce your Game Ecosystem to us. How and when can we play to earn? And can our community have a sneak peek of your P2E game?

The V1 Game will be launched between 2022 and 2023, and for the beginning, it will be available on Windows and Apple computers.

You can buy your unique SURVIVOR character as an NFT or play-for-free with one of our base characters.

You’ll have the opportunity to buy, sell or rent your in-game articles (NFT) and get $SURV tokens in the battle arena or through different quests and raking systems.

6. As for safety, is the team doxxed or KYC? Also, please share more information about your audit. And if convenient, please share with us the related links and files.

Yes, we aim for 100% transparency. We are doing right now 2 KYC Processes, one by and one with PinksSale,

We have also done two audits, one by interFI (passed successfully) and one by Certik, the most trusted auditing company worldwide (still in progress).

You can also check our KYC that we have done for NFT Global. Our team is fully doxed.

7. In the current market environment, we need strong marketing to show the power of Survive, so can you pls share with us your marketing strategy to enhance the confidence of our investors?

First of all, METAVERSE game tokens recorded the highest growth among all cryptocurrencies in 2021. I will also send you an illustration

We have sold out 1500 BNB (720k USD at the time) in 3 Second NFT Global, and we have a strong marketing plan to build an enormous buy pressure.

We will have more than 25 AMAs with different Investors Groups, and we are going to be posted in more than 15 Big TG investors Groups. We have several Airdrop, Bounty, and Giveaway campaigns. We have partnered up with many Crypto YouTube and Twitter Influencer, we have a big Marketing Budget, and everything is lined up to have an enormous launch.

Even tech giants like Facebook and Microsoft are jumping into the metaverse. Because it’s a never seen opportunity and we’re only at the beginning of an immense disruption of the internet (web 3.0) and the gaming industry (play-to-earn).

8. Could you pls introduce the current project’s development progress and achievements? And what can we expect on your roadmap in the near future?

We already have a playable BETA version but this one is not ready to be released. The map of our metaverse is still in construction. The NFT Collection will release soon after the launch. The game SURVIVE will launch in 2022 and 2023. We signed up some of the most famous NFT artists and Graphic Designers worldwide to create our game universe.

9. Please share with our community members the tokenomics of $SURV and some info about the private sale, presale, and launch event.

50% for the Play to Earn Pool,
20% for the Game Development and Reserve,
12,5% for the Private and Presale,
12,5% for the VC, Advisors, and the Team with a vesting plan of several years
5% for the Staking Platform.

Our Taxes are 5% for the Marketing Wallet to develop the game and assure success after the launch, 4% for the Liquidity to Stable the Project, 3% for Strategic Buyback to prevent big dumps in the correction Phase like now. And 2% Holders Rewards for our Investors.

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