Finds out more about Baby Aetherius “Get paid just by #HODL”


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1) Can you tell us about yourself and your team- What are your experiences; Where are you based?

My Name is Robert Torres CEO of Aetherous. I have been in the crypto and investing world for over 5 years. I have a PhD in Financial Management. Been a mentor for over 2 years now. I have been in the Crypto Mining Industry for over 2 years.

Co-Founder Ruben Rivera crypto mentor for over 2 years. Our Main Developer has worked on many successful projects. He is the best I have ever seen in the industry.

We are based in Texas and the Colorado United States.


2) What is BabyAeth 2.0?

BabyAeth 2.0 serves as the rewards token for Aetherius along with having its own Play 2 Earn arcade game focused on bringing back childhood memories. Due to the gap in the crypto community, we provided a solution that will make even the aged individuals relive their childhood memories with our one-of-a-kind arcade games.


3) BabyAeth 2.0 serves as the rewards token for Aetherius along with having its own Play 2 Earn arcade game, can you tell our listeners about this part of your project?

We are the first play to earn crypto arcade, basically, users can come to our arcade and play many different games and earn not only from their platform but from ours as well. We are also starting a stream to earn.


You also have plans as a virtual casino, can you tell us about this part, what games you plan on having, as well as are you working on any partnerships?

We already have a partnership that we can’t disclose yet for our online casino. We will be having games like poker, bingo, blackjack and more. There will be weekly tournaments.


4) Can you tell us about your tokenomics on both the buy and sell?

38% presale, 18% LP, 18% Rewards, 4% team tokens locked for 6 months, 2% marketing locked for 6 months, and 20% that will be burned in 15 different events.

Buy and sell tax is 9%. 3% reflection to our holders, 3% goes back to liquidity and 3% to marketing. Slippage 10.


5) For marketing strategy can you tell our listeners what you have planned in the future, or any partnerships you are working with?

Yes, we have PR coming on Forbes, yahoo finances, market watch Bloomberg business insider Benzinga, CMC and CG ads. Interviews with Crypto blood and promo with London crypto. We are also working on billboards all around the globe.


6) Mining is a part of your ecosystem and users can be part of it, can you tell us the benefit to holders of your project?

By using our tokens users are able to acquire crypto mining rigs and create passive income. User leave the equipment 6 month in our facility. They earn 70% of the profit. After 6 month they have the choice to take it home.


7) We see that you have locks and rewards utility to your token, can you tell our listeners the three different stages to this?

This is mainly for Aetherius tokens where you can lock your tokens and earn 60 to 120% apy.


8) You are having a large raffle in your project, can you tell everyone what is the prize you plan on giving, and what you have to do to earn tickets?

For this all you have to do is stake at least 14m token on the baby aeth pool and you will receive 1 raffle ticket for each 14m token staked

So we got confirmation from our partners that there is going to be 3 winners!!!

The first one will win the Tesla

The second lucky winner will win $10k cash

Our third lucky winner will get a trip for 2, ALL-INCLUSIVE to Mexic.


9) Where should we expect your project to be listed next?

CMC, Coingecko and Hotbit.


10) Can you leave our listeners with a quote or saying that will allow our community to remember you?

BabyAetherius token is focused on creating different sources of passive income to help our investors reach financial freedom. Aetherius is for the community and in just 1 day we have changed so many lives. We are eager to bring your childhood back and give you the opportunity to earn while playing. We will not rest and keep working hard to keep helping many families reach financial freedom.

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