Interviews Monica Bean, CEO of Shambala “Our meta-universe vision is to build an ecosystem of creators”


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1) Good to see you in Asia Blockchain Community. Hello Shambala, tell us about Shambala project?

Hello, nice to e-meet you all at the Asia blockchain community. Shambala is an artistic metaverse centred on music, movies, and IP. In the metaverse, people explore, build, develop, and live together, using the ecological token BALA, to harvest various NFT assets. There are many Bala ecosystem products, such as BalaGames, BalaNFTmarket, BalaWallet, BalaSwap, LaunchPad, etc.

Shambala teams are located in different places in the world, Canada, the United States, and Australia, just to name a few.

2) Can you tell our listeners about your project, Shambala. What is your marketing plan? What is your listing plan?

Sure. We promote and market Shambala globally. We also recruit marketing personnel globally. Shambala has been listed on MEXC and BitMart. We’re working to be listed on many well-known CEX, like those Korean ones. We will have a series of listing plans this month.

3) Share some insights with us about your tokenomics. Can you tell me the buy and sell fees and what they are applied towards?

Around 76% of BALA tokens have been burned at present, the community round IDO tokens account for 2%, community airdrops account for 1.5%, and liquidity 1.5%; marketing 3%, stake reward 5% and it will be unlocked in 5 years, game reward 5% it will be unlocked in two years, team 5% and will be unlocked in 10 years. At present, the transaction slippage on PancakeSwap and BalaSwap has been cancelled, and no transaction fee will be charged.

4) I see you started with a large token supply of 1000 trillion, but have burned a substantial amount. Can you break down what you have done and perhaps what you have planned for the future?

50% of the tokens were destroyed when the contract was deployed, and 25% were burned by community voting. We will use 50% of Bala ecosystem revenue to buy back more from the secondary market and then burn the tokens.

5) Can you tell us something about BalaNFT trading platform?

The BalaNFT platform started testing last week, it supports BSC, ETH, OKC and Polygon, users can now mint NFTs on BSC testnet, such as uploading a song, and other users can listen to it.

6) From what I understand you have launched the NFTs on cross chains, can you tell us what you have implemented so far? Do you have more plans for the future?

Shambala avatar NFT can be minted on ERC at present and in addition, BALA tokens can be crossed to OKC, ETH, and Polygon. In the future, the problem of each chain’s liquidity pool will be improved.

7) From what I understand, Bala wallet is also about to launch, can you share something about it?

Yes, BalaWallet will be launched soon and is multi-chain supported. As an important part of the Shambala ecosystem, users can download and install it in the ios app store and google play this month.

8) When will Shambala announce the next celebrity?

We’ve contacted some celebrities and crypto KOLs to invite them for partnership. Many have expressed their interests. Shambala has signed with the second celebrity already and will announce the news at the right time.

9) We have heard that there will be a singer in Shambala Metaverse, could you give us more details.

Yes, he is Andrew Goode from the UK, the first invited singer coming to Shambala. The song “The Bulls & The Bears” composed by him will be minted as an NFT at BalaMarket, the song will be available soon.

10) Can you leave us with a quote or saying that you feel really speaks about your project and the future?

I hope that someday in the Shambala Metaverse, users can not only interact with their favourite artists but also become creators themselves.

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