Interviews 8SIAN “8,888 NFTs of beautiful, Asian women painstakingly-crafted where even the most intricate details are steeped in historical significance.”


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1) Good evening all. Can you please tell us about yourself and your team members too? Tell us about your experiences before crypto too?

Nicole (Founder) 

I invested in crypto in 2013 when I was still a student in college. My fascination with the crypto space started from the moment I read an article on crypto and blockchain technology. From that moment onwards I have always been passionate about blockchain technology, how it will shape the future of financial systems and its amazing potential in offering endless utility to the real world. 

CryptosniperYT (Co-Founder) 

I started buying my first crypto – bitcoin, at the peak of the bull run in December 2017. Venture into Cryptokitties and ICOs as well during that time. It was an interesting experience and I eventually rode the bear market. I forced myself to understand the space, eventually fell in love with it and foresee that blockchain tech will change the world. I am here now fully embracing and supporting the revolution.

Mr Hike (Co-Founder & Lead Artist) 

I was a 3D artist before embracing NFTs. I had heard a lot about crypto and NFTs but didn’t really dig deeper into it. However I knew that one day I was going to take the plunge as an NFT artist – it simply is the future for those in my line of work. Then out of the blue Nicole just called and asked me if I could draw something for her because she couldn’t find any NFT in the space that suited her taste. So I did and that’s how we started the project and basically how I entered the NFT space. Nowadays we constantly discuss crypto and NFTs – may be a bit too much!


2) Where is your team based?

Our founder Nicole and our lead artist are based in Malaysia. The rest of our core team members come from Hong Kong, Vietnam, Australia, the United Kingdom and Egypt! When we say we want an inclusive community, we practice what we preach!


3) Nicole talked about her cultural roots are a part of her identity and it is our responsibility to preserve them for the next generations to come. Can you explain how this project will accomplish this?

Nicole started this project to fill in the gap of Asian representation in the NFT space. She felt like there wasn’t any collection that resonated with her cultural identity and felt the need for one. 

Every NFT in our main collection (launching 26/12) is steeped in historical significance: each with its own story and littered with cultural references from our rich and varied Asian history. Our social accounts regularly share cultural posts about different aspects of our art & Asian heritage and we will take it upon ourselves to ensure this is ongoing.

Our team and I are committed to integrating 8SIAN NFTs/the 8SIAN community into the metaverse and we would ensure that representing Asian cultures and our identity will remain at the forefront of our concerns.


4) None of this has would have been made possible thanks to your talented artist Mr Hike can you tell us about his experience with digital art?

Mr Hike studied digital animation when he was in art school – that’s where learning digital art all began. Right after graduation, he was interviewed by his ex-boss to work at an outsourcing company. He worked on multiple video game titles like The Last of Us Part 2, Spiderman PlayStation 5, The Order 1886. After working there for a solid 6+ years, he decided to relocate to another part of Malaysia and started working at a Japanese video game company. This included developing their very own IP. He is a full-time 3D artist and remains so passionate about drawing. “Nicole is my friend in the real world who introduced me to this whole NFT space. I’m so glad to be a part of this team and it’s really fun to create the 8SIAN collection with her.”


5) What is your marketing plan like for the next 3 months? What do you intend to do?

We intend to grow organically and we have been very lucky to get noticed by influencers and members from around the world who share the same vision of putting Asians on the map and embracing the Asian culture in the NFT space. For instance, Arnold Poernomo (MasterChef Celebrity Judge), Pia Wurtzbach (Miss Universe 2015), Jason Chen (Musician and Influencer), Carla (Beauty Queen and Mental Health host/advocate) & many more have been so lovely in supporting the 8SIAN family.

8SIAN Bespoke Artworks: We plan to use this NFT collection to focus heavily on the charitable and philanthropic aspects of our 8SIAN visions. It is a curated collection of the highest quality and we will continue to reach out to celebrities, influencers and respected personalities within the crypto/NFT space to do dedicated pieces for. We believe this will not only give us more exposure but also empower and spread the message of our project. Each dedicated piece will also have a 1/1 digitally signed dedicated for charity and auctions.

As mentioned our brand and vision speak for themselves and one of the latest partnerships we have secured is with the very well established Malaysian luxury streetwear brand STONED AND CO. 

We believe by bringing in an Asian luxury retail brand, we will hopefully be able to empower/educate their clientele base regarding the NFT space.

8SIAN will constantly maintain a daily/weekly presence on Twitter spaces and Clubhouse to ensure anyone interested or curious about our project will be kept properly informed.

Our collaboration partner Spatial are heavily engaging and showcasing their platform at the globally renowned show Art Basel. They will be linking a dedicated portal from their public spaces in the metaverse adorned with two of our 8SIAN NFTs directly into the 8SIAN Museum we have created on Spatial!

Advanced discussions with incorporating 8SIAN NFTs into an existing Play to Earn Game with well-considered tokenomics. Please stay tuned for further details! (To be announced shortly in the next few days).


6) Can you tell us about the 888 VIP gold pass that you are doing in the early stages of your release?

We created the 888 x 8SIAN VIP GOLD PASSES to create value for our community and to reward those who believe in us early on. We have secured many significant partnerships and continually receive collaboration requests daily. One example is 8SIAN securing 33,333 $PATH tokens from PATHDAO which will be airdropped to raffle selected VIP GOLD Pass members. Owning a VIP GOLD PASS will allow us to fairly and justly prioritize these perks and rewards for these members. 

One critical point we want to emphasise is IN ADDITION to these lifetime perks and benefits, the VIP GOLD PASS cost is 0.088eth but it also allows A FREE MINT of our MAIN COLLECTION (the equivalent price of 0.088eth) + 2 extra presale allocations!


7) What is your product roadmap like? How will it evolve? From NFT to? 

8SIAN itself is a brand. We want this brand to become synonymous with an inclusive community and a powerful network of members that proudly celebrates and embraces Asian culture.

We want to increase Asian representation in all spaces, starting with blockchain and the NFT space as the foundation.

We want to create a safe and fun Metaverse space for our 8SIAN community to interact in and ensure Asians are a part of forging this new future.

We will operate in the true spirit of a DAO – 50% of our secondary sales will be dedicated to a community DAO fund and most future significant decisions will be decided by the DAO voters. Even now we have shown that we listen to constructive feedback from our members and have acted with an open mind for the BEST interests of our 8SIAN community.


8) Can you tell us about your Goddess collection and how they differ from your Ultra Rare? I have seen your first collection the GENESIS 8SIAN HALLOWEEN can you tell us how fast this sold out and more information about them?

The Goddess tier in our 8SIAN main collection is fully hand-drawn, non-generative NFTs. There are only 36 Goddesses, all completely unique, in the ENTIRE collection. We took inspiration from mythological tales of Asia. We have spent hours researching and looking for the right references to create this collection and it’s been fun because our Asian culture is so rich and varied. The Goddess tier is made possible with the help of 3 other support artists in the team. 

Genesis 8SIAN is my first ever art collection on the blockchain. It was a fun experience to create and to drop the surprise to our early supporters in our discord server. They were a total of only 50 NFTs and we sold out within 2 weeks. I think people hesitated to mint because there were many discord servers that got hacked at that time (where it looked like the team had officially released but was, in reality, a scam) and people were naturally cautious as a result.

However, we calmly continued to communicate with our 8SIAN community and explained the perks of holding a Genesis 8SIAN NFT. Recently, we were able to reward them with a special VIP GOLD PASS embossed with letters OG and awarded them with a FREE MINT from the MAIN collection!


9) What is your listing plan going to be like? 

We will be listing our 8SIAN collection on the Ethereum network on Opensea. Presale to commence 26th December 2021.

We are currently in talks with Rarity Tools and will likely have it ready to be released with our main collection.


10) One question we like to ask all our guests, can you leave an inspiring quote with us to remember you by?

“Our founder Nicole’s inspiration for 8SIAN is to fully embrace and be proud of our collective Asian heritage. Gifting this to her son was the catalyst for this project and she wants to ensure admirers globally will join in this celebration of our rich and varied Asian culture.”

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