Interviews Brian Sumner, Owner & Developer of Galaxy Heroes Coin “The First All Heroes Based Coin on BSC”


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1) Thanks for coming by the Asia Blockchain Community. For a start, can you please give a background introduction of yourself, past and current experiences too? 

Thanks for having me. I’ve been in crypto since 2017 and started with Coinbase. I’ve had a passion for crypto ever since. I started over a year ago investing in the BSC and ended up getting paid to help Babydogecoin, Minidoge and Nanodogecoin. I then use my experience to develop my own coin, Galaxy Heroes Coin aka GHC.

You can find out more about me on Twitter,

2) What is Galaxy Heroes Coin?

Galaxy Heroes Coin is a token that is combining both galaxy and superhero themes together. We are BSC token that has a full staking farm live. We also have NFTs with our own marketplace and a gaming app on Android and iOS very soon.

3) Can we know more about your tokenomics logic and structure?

Our tokenomics have a small fee compared to other tokens at just 10% for buys and sells. We have 3% going to liquidity, 2% for marketing, 2% for buybacks, 2% for dev wallet and 1% for GHC reflections. Once we get into top tier exchanges we are able to remove the GHC reflection to accommodate the top exchanges.

4) What is your market plans for the month of October?

Our plans for October is listing on multiple exchanges, launch NFT platform with Galaxy NFTs, global AMAs and continue to add more ambassadors.

5) What should we be expecting from the technology side of things? Eg your own blockchain, wallet etc

We are currently looking into our own GHC wallet as an app. We also will be working towards having GHC be used as payment across millions of online merchants. We are also looking at an ETH bridge, adding more staking pairs, partnering with crypto payment services and more.

6) What would be the core revenue stream in the months to come? And why?

Our revenue will be on transactions from GHC, our NFTs sales and gaming in-app purchases. They will help fund the GHC and continue to buyback the token.

We are launching 2,500 NFTs and if all are sold, it will have 875 BNB. We will continue to work on more Galaxy NFTs.

7) Cross-chain and multi-chain are the way forward for many projects. What about yours?

Absolutely, we are working on a bridge for eth and sol and will be adding to our farm platform

8) CEXes have issues with re-distribution tokens. Would you avoid CEXes and remain on DEXes?

We have been prepared for the GHC redistribution tokenomics and are able to turn it off when we are ready. We have a staking platform that can allow users to get more tokens now.

9) I am seeing Defi and NFT plans. Would you be looking at Metaverses too? Any plans for that?

We are reviewing all GHC opportunities like Metaverse. We will be looking into Metaverse as we grow larger as a community and token. This would be towards the later part of our roadmap.

10) My community hope to get an inspiring post before we end this segment. Can you share one of your favourites?

“In life, there will be obstacles to hold us back. Learn to adjust the current struggle and move forward.” – Brian Sumner

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