Interviews Mark Towelie, Project Manager of DOGEDI “A token from a galaxy far far away.”


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1) Hi there, can you please give an introduction of yourself? Next, tell us more about your teammates too.

Hi everyone, I’m Mark Towelie, project manager at DOGEDI. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a “blockchain enthusiast” and I have been working in the field of marketing and specifically, cryptocurrencies for over six years now.

With my team (which currently with DOGEDI has come to count 12 people) we have cooperated in the launch of various projects in the past and among the most recent we certainly point out DOGECOLA, for which we have taken care of all the visual setting, graphic and video communication, marketing and contributed to the actual realization of the brand.

2) Care to tell us more about Dogedi? Tell us you are Star Wars Jedi and Doge Token combined tell us your story?

Dogedi was born from the idea of creating a project that not only worked but also had fun and gave us the opportunity to test ourselves. Our team had already helped to organize successful launches like Dogecola and we wanted something new and exciting. Plus, we’re all Star Wars fans for as long as we can remember, and it seemed like a cool idea to make the iconic doge a super-powerful Jedi master. We thought we could play around with the name and the graphics, and the rest came together.

3) Can you tell me about your tokenomics/ dogedinomics? What is your ‘Buy and sell’ slippage?

Absolutely! DOGEDI has a total supply of 1 quadrillion and features this breakdown:




4) Can you explain the automatic token redistribution that you are forming? Can you explain the idea of dividend-paying token too?

Redistributions of 15% (+5% in case of selling transactions) on each buying or selling transaction:

Redistribution of 4% of each purchase or sale transaction directly in BNB to the holders’ wallets. This redistribution in BNB as well as occurring every hour is totally automatic! So the holders will find their BNB directly in the wallet.

A 6% is immediately sent to our protocol DEATHSTAR which buys back the tokens on the market, to help maintain the price and a final 5% is sent to the marketing wallet (monitorable and of which we will publish all the activities and costs that will affect it).

DOGEDI is a token that doesn’t want to lie to anyone, in this historical moment there are thousands of tokens being launched and to have good exposure takes a large marketing budget.

DOGEDI starts with a great fund, but the possibility to fund the marketing wallet will allow us to reach important marketing goals for which we are already making arrangements. (Btok, Bitboy Crypto and other initiatives that have a weight in economic terms).

5) What is your marketing plan like for the rest of the year?

From experience we know how much difference a good marketing campaign makes in this kind of project. Therefore, we are preparing to invest in initiatives that, we hope, will leave a mark. We have made contacts with influencers in the crypto world, and we are preparing a viralization campaign that will surely make people talk about us.

We have already planned a whole series of agreements that will cover different areas of promotion.

We will have AMAs planned with some of the most important communities of investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, we will have visibility on dozens of platforms with banners and POP UP that will give us great visibility (Coinhunters/ Coinsniper).

We have already booked the advertising slots on both POOCOIN and DEXTOOL and that will definitely see the light between the presale and the launch phase on pancake swap.

We have hired expert marketeers who will take care of social and community and we have also made several agreements with influential personalities of the crypto space divided between Youtuber, influencers and important popularizers.

6) How does your technology roadmap look like, from Wallet, Pay, Games to Casino.

We have a technical department that is currently developing and fine-tuning a whole series of integrations that we will bring in the future.

The DOGEDI wallet, which is already in the ALFA phase and which we are testing, DOGEDI Pay that thanks to an agreement with a partner that (NDA CAUSE) we can not yet name and that will allow you to pay through DOGEDI an infinite number of services and then the last partnership with the marketing agency CRYPTO MASTERS with which we will have a long-term planning.

7) Tell us what is unique about your upcoming NFT marketplace.

Also the tech department, although I probably couldn’t tell it without someone hitting me (haha) is working on a whole bunch of implementations related to the NFT world.
And, drum roll, our marketplace will not be just a simple NFT marketplace but will have full integration in the next… DOGEDI CARD GAME!

Yes, probably at the end of the PRIVATE SALE, we will publish a first trailer, with which we will tell you about DOGEDI CARD GAME and DOGEDI CARD SYSTEM, a NFT collectible card game, which will catapult you into exciting CHALLENGES between DOGEDI, to the sound of lightsaber fights!

8) What have you planned for listing? Are you geared towards CEX or you will stay put on the DEX for the time being?

The public launch will take place on Pancakeswap, but, also thanks to previous contacts and consolidated relationships of previous collaborations on other projects, after pancakes we will definitely aim for the first listings and, I can tell you, we are already in an advanced phase of the dialogue, through some intermediaries with some important exchanges, such as Bitmart, ZT and BigONE Exchange.

9) How do users get into your exclusive private sale on Nov the 27th?

In order to have the chance to be whitelisted and participate in the exclusive PRIVATE SALE that will take place on our website on November 27, 2021, and where it will be possible to buy the DOGEDI token at the best price ever, users must connect to the page click on the “PARTICIPATE” button and try to complete ALL the tasks indicated, remembering to enter the amount of BNB they want to buy and the wallet, of course.

To avoid “whale” purchases, each wallet can purchase a maximum of 1 BNB.

10) Kindly share an inspiring quote for all of us.


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