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Hedge FUD manager: Ray Dalio says ‘good probability’ of a US Bitcoin ban

As the Bitcoin correction deepens, the fear, uncertainty, and doubt has returned, with billionaire hedge fund manager Ray Dalio adding a whole bunch more...

Veteran Fund Manager Blames Bitcoin for Massive Gold ETF Outflows

Gold hit its lowest levels in more than eight months on Tuesday, a day after holdings in the precious metal-backed exchange-traded funds fell by...

Blackrock, the world’s largest asset manager, declares bitcoin investment

On the 17th (local time), when Bitcoin exceeded $52,000 and reached an all-time high, Black Rock, the world's largest asset management company, announced...

Capital Manager: Ethereum Will Double In Two Weeks Once ATH Is Broken

Ethereum beat even Bitcoin in terms of overall gains in 2020, but the altcoin still hasn’t broken its former all-time high, while Bitcoin has...

OpenSea Releases Collectibles Manager: Make NFT for Free without Gas

OpenSea's Collectibles Manager allows NFT creators to do not need to pre-pay Gas fees, and only need to pay Gas fees when the NFT...