Interviews Oscar, Developer of AstroGold: “Successful Launch – Next Target 1 Cent!”


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1) Good evening. Thanks for coming by Asia Blockchain Community. Can you tell us more about yourself and also your team members too.

Good evening and thank you for having us. I am Oscar and 1 of the 2 Devs at AstroGold. John is also a dev here and we are crypto, space and engineering enthusiasts who are looking to bridge the crypto and space world together

2) What is AstroGold all about? What is your mission?

The primary purpose of this coin is to assist young enthusiasts globally so they can realise and achieve their dreams helping to further mankind’s journey to the stars. Initially, we will be looking to assist in getting younger students involved early in space technologies and ‘Astro’ related activities and 3rd party organisations have already been identified such as Space Foundation, The Planetary Society, Mars Society, UK SEDS and many more.

3) What is your tokenomics? Please share in detail.

Our tokenomics pay 6% to the house wallet to pay for marketing and dev activity, 4 % in reflections to holders in Daddydoge and 2% to the Liquidity pool

4) Can you tell us your marketing ambitions and plans for the rest of the year?

We quite quickly got Coingecko and CMC listing and are finalising talks with CEX exchanges as we speak. We are also in final discussions with two ‘space’ non-profit organisations where we will be giving financial support and our logo etc will be prominent on their sites and we will also promote on our site. We are talking to many more such ‘non-profit’ organisations and have reached out to the Chinese community for ‘similar’ organisations/universities over there

5) Are you developing any new tech to go with the project? Tell us more about your development plans.

No new ‘tech’ is planned as such, we will have a ‘space new’ shortly on our website home page along with ‘astrogold’ news where details of our developments will appear in real-time. This will include funding to any specific ‘space based’ project

6) How about your revenue streams? What have you planned for us apart from tokenomics?

Currently, our aim is to grow holders by making our ‘use case’ appealing. We have connected directly with our Chinese telegram ‘core team’ and have already organised meaningful competitions and community engagement. Once the token becomes more global then further ideas will be discussed in more detail

7) I see that for Phase 1, you have plans to be listed on an exchange? What do you have in mind?

We have been talking to the ‘usual’ CEX entities and are in final discussions to launch imminently. We have also opened up dialogue with larger exchanges which, when the time is right, we will look to engage with also

8) What kind of non-profit organisations are you supporting?

Space-related organisations, particularly around young people and students who want to get involved in space projects and experiments, our future scientists and explorers in essence we believe

9) To end this segment, can you share an inspiring quote for our community members

Going with the ‘space’ theme we should all be aware of what the sector is trying to achieve and so I would quote the great Stephen hawking ‘’ To confine our attention to terrestrial matters would be to limit the human spirit’’……..lets help our explorers of tomorrow get a chance to succeed !

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