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1) Good day. Happy to see you on Sunday. Your team must be working hard and 24/7. For a start, tell us about yourself and then your team members, please.

Sure! I myself am a long time crypto investor, and admin of the Cryptozin Discord community with over 20,000 members. I am the COO of the Starbound project and looking to build a project with longevity and sustainability! Trivial is our CEO, he is a Twitch Partner and started the Starbound community discord with a loyal group of crypto investors. Bromo is our Community Manager, she is in charge of much of our social media. Finally, our last core member is our solidity developer Cryptonix.

2) What is Starbound?

Starbound was a project born after we saw a troubling trend on BSC projects. We wanted to build something unique and that had a purpose. Therefore we are creating the first ETF exchange platform on BSC as one of our main utilities. This will allow investors to invest into a collection of traditional cryptos and altcoins, plus much much more as we progress, similar to how normal investors would invest in ETFs on wall street. We are also developing a full-service launchpad and will be the first to actually reward our Starbound token holders with the tokens that we bring onto our launchpad. We also want to be more cost-effective, safe, and more reliable than any other launchpad or presale platform that exists today.

3) Can you please share with us your tokenomics?

Our main tokenomics has an automatic BNB reward distribution of 5% built-in. We also have a 3% tax that goes towards the marketing and utility development of the project. As a bonus, we also have two separate 0.5% redistribution rewards that investors can become eligible for if they hold one of our NFT Ship Tickets. We continue to hold various competitions and giveaways for each person to earn one of these special Economy NFTs. We also have the Business NFT Ticket, which is rewarded to a user that is a loyal holder of both Starbound and one of our ETF selections!

4) Tell us about your launchpad. What is your USP?

Our launchpad is going to be the most cost-effective and reliable launchpad on the market, and we want to reward our Starbound holders in the process. Between myself as a major discord admin, and our team, we have a lot of connections on the BSC space and already have several launchpad applications while we are still in beta. Our unique offering is the fact that you will essentially be able to receive tokens at a presale price for our verified presales just for holding Starbound!

5) What are your marketing plans ahead?

We have already partnered with several different social media communities, telegram groups, and Twitter influencers. We also have continuous advertisements running on all of the standard crypto platforms. We also have articles planned to be published on several reputable sites in the next coming days. On top of that, we are building out community rewards and referral competitions to incentivize or members to bring in new people!

6) What technology development should we expect in the next 3-6 months for Starbound?

Within 3-6 months we will have a variety of different ETFs to choose from on our platform, have our launchpad operating at full capacity, have our Staking offering live and fully functional, and at this point should be into the early stages of development for our NFT game that is currently in only the conceptual phase!

7) Charity is one of the pillars. Tell me what is your mission for that.

We brought one of the most unique angles of charity donation to Starbound. We were looking for a way to give back to children in need but also wanted to protect our investors. Since we did not want to build charity directly into our tokenomics, we decided it was the best fit where members could actually earn whitelist spots for our presale simply for donating a specified minimum amount to charity! At this point, we did raise over $10,000 for the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

8) Community members want to know how they can earn more money. Tell us how they can with Starbound? Through staking? What are the best routes?

The best ways to earn through Starbound are going to be holding for our standard BNB rewards, plus enough to make you eligible to receive the launchpad tokens for our verified presales. On top of that, if they are invested in one of our ETFs and earn themselves one of our NFT tickets, they fall into a bonus rewards redistribution as well! When our staking feature is implemented, which is probably about 2-4 weeks away, this will also be unique, as our stakers will earn their rewards as ETF tokens of their choice. So this could mean their rewards come in a package as BTC / ETH / BNB, or a collection of various altcoins depending on which they select.

9) Bitcoin’s price is heading up compared to the last 2 months. Is this a sign of another bull market? What are your sentiments? How will this help Starbound?

I have always been a firm believer that one should never try to call the top or the bottom. While I think the past week has shown great signs of life, we also still need to remain somewhat cautious with the ever-looming regulations. At Starbound we are doing our best to remain as versatile as possible, and we closely monitor things such as the Alonso Hard fork with Cardano and the implementation of smart contracts on that platform as an opportunity to further expand our network.

10) We will end the session off with an inspiring quote from you. Please share.

Investing in new cryptos can be a risky and daunting endeavour. When you find a project and team you believe in, it is of utmost personal importance that you dedicate and support that team, as the community is the driving force in the early stages of any business or crypto startup. Starbound wants to be that team for you!

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