Meets Jakub Chmielniak, Co-founder of Fanadise “From feed scrolling passive user to content owner and investor”


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1) Thanks for coming by this evening. Can you give us an introduction of yourself? And can you tell us more about your team members too?


Bartek is a cofounder of Fanadise and a CEO of DDOB, one of the biggest influencer marketing agencies in CEE. He has loads of experience with business collaborations and building successful brands!

I am Jakub, also a cofounder – my background is e-commerce (running a big ecom business at present). I’ve also worked closely with a wide variety of influencers every year.

Stuart, our third cofounder used to be an influencer and entrepreneur with 8m followers. He has now retired from that scene and helps us grow Fanadise with has vast experience and expertise in the business.

We also have big IT and marketing/project management teams. We are constantly growing in size and currently recruiting, so you can join us too! Drop us an email at [email protected] with a cv/ description of your skills and why you want to join us!

Basically, we are all utilizing our experience and knowledge to develop Fanadise and prime it for a proper lift-off!

2) What is Fanadise all about?

Fanadise is a next-gen social media creator NFT platform. We want to revolutionise social media and become the standard for content creators’ output, with hundreds of millions of users.

We believe that digital property will become just as important as those physical possessions. Social Media will be more of a self-promoting tool, so you must ensure you own your content and know how to market it correctly! If you are a creator working with Fanadise you’ll be able to reach out to your audience in more ways than just posting photos and updates.

3) I hope you can share with us about your tokenomics and structure. Please tell us more.

Designed By The People Behind Many Successful Campaigns, Brands And Events, The Creators Of DDOB, Mr. Gugu, Aloha From Deer, Successful Influencer Marketing Companies, Creators Of Some Of The Largest Social Media Platforms And Many More.

Fanadise Is Future-Proof And Adjustable To The Ever-Changing World Of Social Media, Fame And Entertainment.
Our Model Disrupts The Status Quo And Allows The Whole Social Space To Grow Beyond Our Present Imagination.

You can view the full tokenomics at:

4) You have an interesting burning scheme. Why is it planned in this manner?

The Fanadise investor community is of big importance to us. We wanted to ensure we’re integrating their suggestions and demands in the project, so we introduced the Fanadise Burning and Community Burning weekly events. The Fanadise burning event works on a random basis where a number from 0 to 1m gets chosen through a drawing machine. A good way to bring the community together and get them excited! It ensures they always have something to look forward to and a good incentive for potential new investors just joining the project. It also gives us a chance to show off our custom Fanadise drawing machine. It looks incredible!!

The Community Burning event is where things get truly interesting. Each week we’ll give the community a social media engagement task that will be related to Fanadise, its influencers or our investors/marketing partners. The more you engage with posts the more points you’ll generate. We then sum up the points generated by the community and the final number is the amount of tokens we will burn! 🔥🔥🔥

By having these weekly events we’ll ensure project longevity and long-lasting profit for existing and new investors too

5) Marti Renti NFT is a big hit. What are your marketing plans next?

Marti Renti published the First ever Love NFT based on her digital DNA. It’s a symbol of what we’re trying to do as a platform and it marks the beginning of the new digital era.

We want to constantly bring innovation to the NFT universe by creating different utility NFTs and utilising them as a way to link Fanadise holders and users with our various marketing partners.

We are reaching out to influencers/ celebrities from all over the world and looking for various ways to attract new marketing investors on board.

We recently sponsored an entire festival and it helped us sign a lot of deals, details of which are to be announced pretty soon!

6) NFT is the game-changer in ownership and you are building a platform that is future-ready. Tell us what are the new dimensions of social entertainment is like in your own opinion.

With our background as entrepreneurs and influencers, we understand what the essential tools of the trade are.

Fanadise NFTs will shift the way influencers interact with their fans. We will offer different utility tokens for marketing, partner promos, exclusive content and a lot more. It also gives the power back to the creator through ownership

7) What are the key markets that you want to focus on in the next year?

We are a global project, so we’re trying not to limit ourselves to one country or even one continent. Our plan is to involve big names from all over the world. We’re also interested in collaborating with various businesses and creating interesting incentives for our community

8) Do you have plans to be listed on more CEXes?

Yes. As you can see in the roadmap, we have a Tier 1 exchange listing coming up soon as well as a Tier 2 listing to follow it in the next couple of months

9) Many think that right now is a bull market. Do you think the same? And what does it translate for Fanadise and its token holders?

Market sustainability is partially why we updated our tokenomics and roadmap.

By rolling out different utility NFTs and bringing new influencers every month, we can ensure a solid supply of new investors and a wide audience.

The burning events are also there to give holders an incentive and burn some tokens together! In addition to this, we’ve confirmed staking will be available once the marketplace goes live.

All these different strategies give us confidence the $FAN token will retain its price and value even in poor market conditions!

10) Please share an inspiring quote to end this segment.

“From feed scrolling passive user to content owner and investor”

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